Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Happy Birthday! Liam turns 4!

Our littlest one turned 4, and was lucky to keep the celebration going for two whole days! It all began on Saturday when Grandma and Granddaddy came over for lunch (and also picked it up, as Liam's choice of restaurant happened to be in the town they're from). He requested orange tofu, and we also ordered sesame tofu, stir fried vegetables, and other tasty food. Later on, Granny and Papa came over to visit with the birthday boy and we all had cake. 

Liam has been thinking about his cake ever since his last birthday, and his idea hadn't changed. He was determined to have a tractor and farm cake, and I was determined to give him one. It was fun cake to create and he was most pleased.


After cake, Liam opened his cards from his grandparents, played for a little while more, then the grandparents went home. We didn't do much for dinner, as we were all still full from lunch and cake.

On Sunday was Liam's actual birthday. After he woke up, we gave him his present. We recently decided on doing no presents for birthdays, but there is one thing that I felt he needed, so we bought him some superhero underwear (just like his big brother got for his birthday). He was SO excited. 

He started off wearing Green Lantern, then took a shower and put on Superman underwear. Then while we were at church, he leaned over and I happened to notice he was now wearing Batman underwear. We did have a little talk after church that the is only allowed one pair of underwear per day. 

Liam helped Daddy make French toast for brunch and we also frosted cupcakes that he could share them with his Sunday School class. They are miniature farmers fields, partially plowed, to stick with the theme of his birthday cake. 

Church is three hours long, so that took up a huge part of his day, and when we came home it was time to start preparing dinner. The birthday boy requested "cheeseburger wraps", then he watched AFV with his big brother and sister, and got ready for bed.  

This was an extra special birthday for Liam, because turning four meant that he was officially ready for Pre-K! He went to bed and the next morning would be his first day of school. He's one happy kid and we are so grateful for him and the joy he brings to our family. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Liam! Looks like he had a great celebration!


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