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Bridget's Baptism {November 4, 2017}

Yesterday was an incredibly important and special day for our family. Our daughter Bridget made the decision to be baptized. Everything went smoothly and it turned out to be a great day, or as Bridget said, "the best day ever!!".

There was a lot of prep work ahead of her special day. Not things that had to be done, but more things I wanted to be done. Over the past couple of weeks, I've taken Bridget out to get her picture taken. Our first location, or her "practice photo shoot" was out in the country at my parents farm and our old family church. Since I was satisfied with the pictures I got there, the following week we made the trip to the Raleigh temple. Bridget loves it there and picked it as her special spot for baptism pictures. They're closing at the end of the year for renovations so we are fortunate to have made it just in time.

A family picture with Bridget pre-baptism. She's all ready in her white jumper.

My husband, being a worthy priesthood holder, was able to perform the baptism. It was a special moment for the both of them. On the left, pre-baptism. On the right is just after getting into the font but before the baptism prayer. I've always loved pictures of children in the waters of baptism so I was sure to get one of Bridget. Daddy had to pry her fingers off of her nose for the picture, as she went in there prepared. She was extremely nervous because she's never been a fan of getting her face wet and certainly didn't want any water getting in her nose.


Just after her baptism, I took her in to change clothes and she was so excited. She said it was so fun and she wanted to do it again (I told her that she needs to only be baptized for herself once but when she turns 12 and can do it again for others). Since it was just her and I alone after her baptism, she was very talkative and kept saying it was the best day ever and how happy she was. 

I made the program for her baptism because I wanted to personalize it with some of the pictures we took at the temple. I also included other special pictures from throughout her life. She also wanted there to be pink, so I added pink flowers. 

(Front and back covers)

I wanted the program to be just what Bridget wanted, so she selected the songs, speakers, those giving prayers, etc. Her 5 year old brother George gave the opening prayer, which he was nervous about and kept very simple, but he did love having that special part in her program (he also handed out programs to those attending). For the talk on baptism, Bridget chose her eldest cousin Zoe, who recently turned 12. She did a fantastic job on the talk. Bridget chose her Sunday School teacher to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. She adores her teacher and we were so pleased she was able to be there. Finally, Bridget's cousin Stella gave the closing prayer. 

After the baptism program, we had refreshments of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, mini chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles at Bridget's request because of the song "When I Am Baptized". We also had sun-dried tomato and basil Wheat Thins, which are Bridget's favorite, strawberries and grapes, and mango peach Kool-Aid. It was an entire table of her favorite treats.  

After everyone left and we cleaned up, we took family pictures outside. 


After the baptism, our out-of-towners joined us at our house for pizza and cousin time. They all had a great time. It was a long and exhausting day for all of us, but a memorable one. To top it off, we all got an extra hour of sleep with the time change. It worked out perfectly. 

We are so proud of Bridget for making this decision in her life and we know it will be the first of many great ones. She is a loving and sweet spirit and we're grateful that she's ours.  

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