Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week in Review 2017: #3

Not a whole lot got done this week. My husband and I had a meeting with our builder on Tuesday to walk through the house and find any last minute touching-up that needed to be done. We learned that the floor was worse than we had originally thought (air pockets underneath when it was supposed to be completely glued down). Our closing date was scheduled for Friday and I knew that only by some miracle would that still happen. The following day, we learned that the builder was tearing up the entire floor and starting over and that our new closing date had been moved to next Friday. My husband has been going by the house every day and so far, they have torn up the floors and put down some sort of cement thing that is not self-leveler, and looks totally uneven. I really hope they put self-leveler down or I am afraid they will be re-doing the floors for a third time. We are so ready for this building process to be over.

We had a couple of nice days that the children took advantage of and went outside to play. I was also able to get a decent amount of school work done with Bridget, even though we took off on Tuesday and Friday. We spent all day Friday watching the inauguration of President Trump. The children watched bits and pieces of it, then went off to play, then would come back to see if anything cool had happened. 

I hope next week will be a more productive one for us. Hopefully, we will be moving into our new house on Friday, though I won't hold my breath.

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