Saturday, January 14, 2017

New House Update #6

These pictures show the status of the house at the beginning of December. It wasn't long after this that we temporary moved in with my parents, so I have not had much time to post.

Our driveway and sidewalk were poured! Most of the shutters were also painted a dark gray, though it is not the easiest to see in the picture. 

Inside the house, we had two very exciting things to see. First, the granite counter tops were installed! The color is difficult to see because of a protective layer of plastic over them. Below is where my sink and two dishwashers will be.

The second exciting thing to see was that our walls had been painted! Here we are in the living room looking toward the kitchen. The cabinets tend to blend in with the color of the wall, but there will soon be a tile back-splash to break it up a little.

The fireplace mantle has also been painted.

Another view of the kitchen from the direction of the dining room.

The children love the railing. It makes me nervous and I hope its newness will soon wear off and they'll learn to stay away from it (unless walking up or down the stairs).

More paint. Standing in the foyer facing both the dining room and the kitchen.

My parents came along and the children did a great job at showing them the house. Liam led them around and pointed at everything. This is at the very top of the stairs overlooking over the foyer.

Master bedroom with Liam about the walk into the master bathroom.

Counter tops in the bathrooms have also been installed.

Looking outside from the living room, we could see that the backyard had been leveled out and debris hauled off. Right now it is all just dirt. We are not having sod put in the backyard (they require it in the front yard to make everything look "pretty") but they put out grass seed and straw. I imagine because it is winter, we will need to put down our own grass seed in the spring if we want a nice and grassy backyard.

One last picture inside. The children were literally all over the place. They were little bursts of laughter and excitement wherever they went.

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