Thursday, December 1, 2016

Favorite Movies {52 Lists}

I have too many favorite movies so I broke them up into categories and will try to limit each category to only four movies, and these are in no particular order.


My husband and I both love musicals. I love turning them on in the middle of the day for the children (well, not Sweeney Todd---way too much blood in that one), and my husband often listens to the soundtracks at work as he sits in front of the computer crunching numbers.

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Children's Movies

I grew up a Disney movie child. Every year ,there was a new movie coming out. I loved them all, but some of my favorites were even before my time. 

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Christmas Movies

This category was the most difficult to keep to only four. My favorite Christmas movies are the Christmas Classics movies (Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Little Drummer Boy), but to keep my list short, I went with the movie that tells how Santa Claus came to be and the one I think I watched most as a child. I love all old Christmas movies, but I also really like bringing the focus back on Christ, which is why The Nativity Story is a favorite.

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Historical/War Movies

Gone With the Wind might be my all time favorite movie. It is just so good. Glory and Saving Private Ryan are not movies I will watch over and over again, but they always leave me a bit teary-eyed. 

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Other Favorite Movies

I can watch these movies over and over again. The Lord of the Rings is all around fantastic. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies leave me laughing. The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure movies (and their sequels) satisfy my need for mystery and history. I love a movie that will make me think.

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  1. Love your list. I have actually seen almost all the movies you listed and love them too!

  2. I love Disney movies, musical and National Treasure too.


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