Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Daily Routine {52 Lists}

The perfect word to describe our current routine is chaos. With so many of our belongings in boxes at a storage unit, our routine consists of doing what we need to do all while trying not to lose our sanity.

6:30a-7:00a - The children wake up between these times. My husband sets his alarm for 7, but if the children are still asleep I stay in bed and try to catch a few more minutes of sleep. As soon as I get up, I make the bed and get dressed before heading into the kitchen.

7:30a - Breakfast is served. Because of our current dining table/homeschool table situation (we got rid of our dining table), the kids have been eating breakfast on the couch in front of the television. (I know, I know... I hate it too.)

8:00a -8:30a - Bridget is done eating and gets dressed, and does her other morning chores. George takes longer to eat because he is too preoccupied with the television, and Liam is preoccupied with toys.

8:30a-9:00a - Bridget and I try to begin our school day between these times. We used to do a "morning time" routine but that has been put on hold until after the move. Bridget works on math, spelling, writing, and handwriting. If she is able to work independently, I turn off the television and work with George in the living room (usually math or letters).

11:30a - Time to prepare lunch. If Bridget is done with her independent work, she gets to go play for a few minutes.

12:00p - Lunch time. Lately, this has been taking longer than it needs to.

12:30p-1:00p - Liam finishes his lunch between these times and I get him ready for his nap. Once he is in his room, Bridget, George, and I will work on history, geography, or science. History and geography we do together, but they are both working on science separately. If Bridget is doing science, I get a box of toys down for George (usually his train set or the marble run). I repeatedly tell George to keep his noise level down so that Liam stays asleep. If his behavior has not been good, or if he gets too noisy with the trains, I send him to my room (he shares a room with Liam and will wake him up if he goes in there) with some books and he gets cozy on my bed and "reads". Sometimes he falls asleep.

2:00p - The children's attention spans deteriorate around this time. We used to do "quiet time" after lunch instead of school work but we got behind when we were packing and putting the house up for rent. Quiet time will need to come back after the move. Bridget gets sent to her room to play while George stays either in the living room or on my bed. I get to play on the computer, check e-mails and other social media.

3:00p - Liam wakes up around this time and I serve the children a snack. If Bridget has dance lessons, I get her ready for that and my dad comes over to watch the boys.

4:30p - I start preparing dinner. If the children are playing nicely, I let them continue. If they are fighting, or if Liam is being extra clingy, I turn on the television to keep them distracted while I cook.

5:30p - My husband gets home from work (hallelujah!) and we sit down for dinner.

6:30p - Baths for the children, time with Daddy, or television time. Sometimes I'll take my shower during this time.

7:00p-8:00p - We get the children ready for bed between these times. If it has been a long day (or if it's raining and appears to get dark earlier) we get the children ready for bed at 7. If they're having a good time with Daddy or if naps were extra long, they stay up until 8. We might put on a movie to pass the time 'til they're sleepy enough for bed.

9:00p-12:00p - On a good day, my husband and I sit on the couch and watch television (either NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, Big Bang Theory, or the news) then head off to bed after the children are asleep. On days that I am battling insomnia (due to worry and stress), I stay up until 12 or sometimes 2 in the morning. Laying in bed waiting to fall asleep makes it worse, so I prefer to be up and doing something on the computer or reading.

So that's it! This is what I do, day after day. It's very dull at the moment because everything we love to do as a family is packed up (games, books, extra school supplies).

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  1. Insomnia is a jerk! I can't just lie in bed either. I have to do something, even if it's just watching TV. And it seems like you still have a pretty solid routine even with most of your stuff packed away until your new house is finished!

  2. I can imagine that preparing to move does play into that chaos! Our days our similar and we are not even moving :)

  3. Great routine. I can't imagine staying up that late. I am so not a night owl!!

  4. I can't lie in bed with insomnia at all; usually I fall asleep at normal time but wake up in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning and I find that I have to get up and distract myself from all my thoughts. Hopefully the chaos will end soon and I fully admit that my kids watch TV during quite a few of our meals and we don't have an excuse of no kitchen table either. Sometimes you've just got to do what you need to to make it through the day!


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