Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bridget turns 7!

At the end of September, our firstborn celebrated her 7th birthday. The day was a stressful one, as we had a house showing that afternoon and had to tidy up and be out of the house. I had baked her cupcakes that morning that his them in one of the kitchen cabinets. After we got home, I quickly made pizza for dinner and frosted the cupcakes. She had a very specific request for chocolate cupcakes with purple and pink frosting.

My parents came over for a cupcake and to give her their presents. She received a new Barbie doll and some outfits for the dolls to wear.

We also gave her our presents. I had to wrap our in newspaper as all of my wrapping paper is in storage. She didn't mind at all! We gave her a new bag for ballet, a new battery-operated toothbrush, and a nightgown.

She could not wait to take her bath and put her nightgown on. She is such a girly girl and loves nightgowns, especially the frilly ones. 

Because the day of her birthday was so crazy, my husband's parents came over the following day. She wanted to show them her new nightgown so I let her stay in it until they got here. She immediately opened presents. They got her some mermaid bath toys. She has been so jealous of the boys and all their boats and really wanted something to play with in the tub. After opening the presents, she got dressed and we all went out for lunch at her favorite Thai restaurant. That afternoon, I ran a bubble bath for her and she played in there for over two hours!

We love this sweet girl so much. She is truly kind and gentle, but can hold her own when the boys are getting too rough, though they adore her too. 

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  1. So precious! She's growing up so fast. I can't believe she's seven already.


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