Monday, October 31, 2016

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday, we stopped by one of the local pumpkin patches for some family fun. There was a lot to do and see, though we made our trip a quick one because we had a busy day ahead of us. We took pictures with the various cutouts, visited the farm animals (a young piglet was my favorite), and picked out a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. You will have to excuse the pictures, as they were all captured with my phone.

This may sound really bad, but I did not realize that my 7 year old was already 4 feet tall. I still remember her as my little baby. 

Bridget, age 7

George is not far behind Bridget in height. He is also growing way too fast. 

George, age 4

It was difficult to get a picture of Liam, as he was far more interested in everything else around him. He did take a second to lean up against the sign. He still wouldn't look at me.

Liam, age 2

Then it was time to pick out our pumpkin. Liam must have grabbed a dozen pumpkins and didn't quite know what to do with them. I was pretty impressed with his strength.  The few pumpkins he was not able to lift, he rolled. He's a very resourceful toddler.

We are enjoying this autumn season. The weather was crisp and cool in the morning, though it did reach 80 degrees that afternoon. 

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