Friday, September 9, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #36


Our schedule really starts filling up again after Labor Day. This week, Bridget began her fourth year at the dance academy. We were able to schedule her ballet and tap/jazz classes back-to-back on the same day, so instead of taking her to the dance academy two days a week as we did last year, we only go once a week. My parents watched the boys and I had two whole hours to myself! Because it was Bridget's first day, I wanted to make sure that she knew to go on to her next class instead of coming to the door for pick-up. She also needed to change leotards (which she wore one on top of the other) along with her dance shoes, and I did not know if she'd need my help with that. (The academy assigns a different color leotard for the different dance levels. The pre-ballet girls, ages 3 and 4, wear light pink, then they move up to light blue. Bridget is still in a light blue leotard for ballet but is in the next level for tap/jazz so she needed to wear a navy blue leotard. We got this one in a camisole style to feel more comfortable under her short-sleeved light blue leotard.) I went inside to see if she needed my help between her first and second classes, and she did great on her own. She did not even know I had gone in to check on her. I really wish she wouldn't grow up so fast, though it felt good not to be needed.

I spent my two hours of alone time in the van. The weather was mild so I put the windows down and got a lot of reading and lesson planning done.  That never happens. Bridget was so excited when I picked her up. She told me she wished she could go to dance classes every day. She's been wearing her ballet shoes around the house, twirling around at every chance she gets. It's nice to see her so passionate about something.

I have been M.I.A. from blogging much these past few weeks before of our upcoming move. We have managed to clear out a lot of our belongings from the house and put them into storage (we're hoping to rent out our current house and didn't want there to be too much clutter when someone comes to look at the place). While packing, I rediscovered a number of games I had hidden under my bed. Mostly games with small pieces that I did not want the little ones getting a hold of. I hid them so well that I had forgotten all about them. George discovered the games with me and we had a great time playing mancala the other day. George then taught Bridget how to play and they ended in a tie. 

I happened to have my phone with me when this little guy woke up from his nap. I need to record him one of these days. He always wakes up so cheerful. He spends a long time in his crib playing and being silly before I finally get him out. His favorite thing right now is to be tickled. 


Bridget is powering through her math lessons lately. We had gotten a bit behind on math in first grade and she is still finishing up the Alpha book (Math-U-See). We have three lessons to go before we begin on the new Beta book. She has caught on very quickly and some lessons we're able to complete in one day (video, worksheets, and test).

She is also attempting to get ahead on her handwriting book this year, because half-way through the book she will begin to write in cursive.

Liam keeps himself occupied with coloring while I do school with the older two. He is a very serious scribbler.

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  1. Looks like a great week! I wouldn't know what to do with 2 full hours :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! We were able to get a lot done and are taking it easy this week.


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