Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New House Update #3

So much has happened since my update less than a month ago. If you remember, they had just built the foundation. Soon after, piles of lumber arrived.

Framing began the very next day!!

By day two, they were already working on the second story!! By the fifth day, they had the second story almost complete and had almost closed in the exterior.

It is very surreal to see our house finally coming together. After this last picture was taken, Hurricane Hermine came through (though it was downgraded to a tropical storm by this point). After the storm, my husband and I dropped the kids off with my parents and went to the appliance store to pick out a stove, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator. I had intended on upgrading our oven to a double oven (storage drawer at the bottom essentially becomes the second oven) but as we were looking at them, I bent down to open the bottom oven and decided I really didn't like the idea of picking up a pan off cookies off the floor, or a heavy casserole dish. I'm getting too old for that. We decided to go with the standard package appliances, with the exception of the refrigerator.

After our trip to the appliance store, we headed over to the house to see how it did during the storm. There were some large puddles in the backyard due to large tire tracks from the equipment they're using, but they will be leveled out before we ever move in. We were able to walk around the house and I took a lot of pictures to show the children.

We also discovered a very big mistake in the house.

I will be including those pictures and more details later in the week!

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