Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Favorite Places to Shop {52 Lists}

1. This is where we do most of our shopping. From birthday/Christmas presents, curriculum, and books to toiletries and pantry items.

2. Book stores. My favorite for new books is Barnes and Noble. I now also love used book stores. I finally went to one in my town just yesterday for a book that has been discontinued and only sold used on Amazon (though I did not like the prices). The used book store did not have the title I was looking for, but I did leave the store with 7 other books. You can't beat $1 per book ($2 for hardcovers)! Thank you Tiffany for telling me about this place and enabling my book addiction.

3. When it comes to groceries, I often shop at Harris Teeter. I recently went to Publix in my husband's hometown and loved it (they will be opening a location in my town in the next few months). Whole Foods is also great, but I have to drive an hour and a half to the big city to get there. 

4. is where I buy a lot of my daughter's clothes, and Sunday clothes for the boys. They have really cute outfits, often times at a really good deal. I hate paying for their shipping (usually around $12) so I make sure I have a large order.

5. For my clothing, I like, TJ Maxx, and any department store that has a sale going. I hate paying so much for clothing.

6. Target. I actually don't like Target, but I despise Wal-Mart. We use Target diapers and wipes, so we make frequent trips to stock up on those items and other toiletries. I also buy the kids shoes there, as buying shoes online never works out for us.

7. Gift shops. I hesitate adding this to the list because I rarely buy anything from gift shops, but I do love browsing!

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  1. You're welcome for the book store! I'm so glad we have a decent used book store here after leaving the one we loved in DC. (Plus, they also do trade-ins for store credit!) I am also a big fan of the big Salvation Army store for books, especially when they're having a 10 cent sale.

  2. I forgot about bookstores! I try to avoid them though; they tend to end up being too costly! I too despise walmart and drive an extra 10 min. out of my way for our nearest Target.

    1. My husband wishes I would avoid them, but he is quite happy about the cost of the used bookstore vs. Barnes and Noble. The only thing he said after my most recent trip was a reminder that we're supposed to be packing and preparing for a move, not bringing more things into the house.

  3. Oh yes, the bookstores! I've often dreamed of opening up one :)


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