Monday, September 12, 2016

A New Look & A Fresh (Re)Start!

You may have noticed a lack in posts recently. No new recipes and very sporadic participation in link-ups. I have something I'm calling "blogger burn-out". 

I enjoy blogging; I really do. I enjoy sharing our weekly activities with family and friends, especially those that live so far away. This later branched out to sharing with fellow homeschool moms I did not know. I love having a network of like-minded moms to turn to, even if they don't know I read their blogs.

It was time to refocus and reorganize. I needed a new look, so this weekend I finally sat down and created something that I liked, which is a big undertaking for someone who lacks creativity. I wanted something simple, but pleasant. This is it.

I'm not completely done yet, as my menu bar links are still bare, but those will be a work in progress. I used to be much more proficient in code, but now I am having to really think about what I am trying to do, and that takes time.

I am also still in the process of combining previous blogs into this one, so as to keep everything in one place. This has been an ongoing project for months, as those posts were more personal and contained names and photos of family and friends and need to be edited for their privacy.

I will have some new posts up this week, and I hope that you'll stop by again to check them out!


  1. Enjoy your fresh start! It feels like a coat of new paint. I hope it gives you the sparks to write again.

  2. Love the fresh look! Excited to see where the journey takes you.


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