Thursday, August 25, 2016

Random Things About Me {52 Lists}

This weeks list will help you to learn more about me!

  • I became engaged to my husband after only one month of knowing him. We were only engaged for a month and married a week after my 20th birthday. We've been happily married now for 11 years!

  • My greatest hobby is genealogical research. I started researching my own tree in my early teens and became hooked. Now I help others with theirs. 

  • I refuse to allow a television in my bedroom. After getting married, I moved in to my husbands town home and he had a television in the master bedroom that he would leave on night. I would wake up with really bad headaches as a result from the light and noise (even if the sound was down all the way, the television still made a high pitched ringing sound that he couldn't hear, but I could).

  • I am an extreme introvert. I am most comfortable at home with my immediate family. My dad nags at me about getting out more and doesn't believe that I am completely happy right where I am.

  • While I love my time at home, I also enjoy family vacations. I prefer to drive to our destination rather than fly, as flying makes me queasy. Airplane queasiness only came about in adulthood.

  • I also get carsick. I must sit in the front seat on long car rides. This is something I have experienced since childhood and holds me back from doing things with others that involve carpooling.

  • I have anxiety when I drive in big cities, or on any freeway with more than two lanes in each direction. My husband does most of the driving when we're out of town, but his driving also makes me nervous.

  • As a child, I used to go snorkeling with my dad all the time and felt very comfortable in the ocean. As I got older, I developed anxiety in the water and am very paranoid about what lurks beneath. When I am at the beach with my children, I do not go in past my knees if I can help it (the Atlantic ocean is so murky that I can't see anything). Pools are completely fine.

  • I love reading but have a difficult time finishing a book. I have about 4-5 unfinished books sitting in my nightstand. If a book is too good, it sits on my night stand longer because I am not ready for it to be finished.

  • I am a vegan. For those that do not understand fully what this is, it means that my children and I abstain from all meat, dairy, eggs, and even honey.

  • I abstain from drinking tea, coffee, and sodas as I am very sensitive to caffeine and it disrupts my sleep schedule (even if I consume it in the morning) and makes my heart race. I will occasionally enjoy a cup of herbal tea and drink caffeine-free sodas when I am sick.

  • My first child was born via Cesarean (non-emergency), and my second and third children were VBACs. I'll take the recovery from a VBAC over a Cesarean any day.

  • When reading books to my children, I use an accent related to where the story takes place or who the author may be. Everything by Beatrix Potter is read in a proper English accent. The stories about Madeline are read in a French accent.

  • My children believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny even though I oppose them both. If I could have a do-over, I'd remove them from our holiday traditions. (As a side note, I do appreciate the story of Saint Nicholas and even early stories of Santa Claus when it was much less commercialized... I just prefer the focus being on Christ and feel that has been lost over the years.)

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  1. I love your list, especially the part about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. We had a very deliberate talk with our children about those characters about 3 years ago. They were a little taken aback, but it's been really great for our family. I agree - St. Nicholas was a wonderful man, but the idea of Santa Claus has morphed so far from what St. Nicholas was really about that it's sad.

    Visiting from the 52 weeks linkup

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am sure that revealing the truth to your children was difficult, but I am happy that you have all moved forward. My husband is not on board with telling our children the entire truth, so I am always thinking of ways to downplay the whole Santa Claus thing (which he is okay with).

  2. Despite knowing you and being able to follow along on social media, I love lists like these. I still learn new things about people every time they post lists about themselves. Never would have pegged you to be someone who doesn't enjoy completing a book. I do the same, especially in a series to prolong it ending.

    1. Strange, isn't it?! I feel a sense of accomplishment when completing a book, but it is so difficult to part with the characters and move on to something new. Goodbyes are never easy.

  3. Oh I too would not have done the whole santa/ easter bunny thing if I had a do over! I rue the day we started that...

  4. My kids have never believed in Santa or the Easter bunny, as we downplayed it right from the start. They did, however, totally believe in the Tooth Fairy! LOL

  5. I had Santa as a kid, husband did not. We'd both like a do-over. (With Santa, the Easter Bunny was never a "thing" in our house.)

  6. Happy 11 years of marriage! As a child, my family did the bunny and santa stuff, but I haven't carried on that with my own children. I've become very introverted over the years. I get really uncomfortable in group situations.


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