Friday, July 15, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #27 and #28

This is a a short summary of the past two weeks. This week has been so hot. My parents had us down for dinner and the kids played in their backyard with the water hose. They had a grand time, of course. Liam (the 23-month-old) wanted to be the boss of the hose and Bridget and George were fine with that, most of the time. I managed to take way too many pictures, but here are just a few to share.

The week before, we re-arranged the kids rooms for the last time in our current house. Bridget (6) and George (4) have shared a room for awhile now and are constantly at war with one another. With Liam turning two later this month, it was a good opportunity to give the boys their own room and Bridget her own room. We converted the nursery to a girls room. It was not a big project. No paint and no new furniture or decor. We will be in this house for only another 5-6 months. 

The boys are liking their "new" room. I did not know how Liam would react to sharing a room, but he has done well. George is staying in his bed at night (rather than getting up to terrorize his sister) and Liam stays in his crib and reads his books. The past couple of nights, Liam has fussed a lot and we've determined that he is doing it just to get us to come back. Now I am ignoring it and once he figures out I am not coming in, he stops and settles down under his blanket. George is surprisingly able to fall asleep while Liam fusses.

We are still homeschooling through the summer and are studying Rome, which means we are on the home stretch for ancient history. Bridget is also zooming through her math lessons and doing well on her tests. I was unsure if we'd be done with first grade work by the time I wanted to start second grade, but now I think we'll be fine. It's a lighter, more casual homeschooling routine, which makes up for us not having a vacation before second grade begins. 

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  1. Oooh; new rooms. So fun! And those water pictures are priceless.


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