Friday, July 1, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #26

Last Saturday as my husband was out working in the yard, he discovered a small turtle in the storage shed. Over the years, we've had a few critters show up in our fenced in backyard like bunnies and snakes, but a turtle was a first for us. I called my two older children outside to check it out. My husband was nice enough to pick up the turtle so that I could get a better picture of it (and to move it out of harms way).

George named him Sam, and my daughter insisted on calling it Sammy (hoping it was a girl), though George did not like that name. Later in the day, I went outside to check on it and it had somewhat burrowed itself into the grass where it stayed for a few hours (maybe it was taking a nap?). By the next morning, it was completely gone. We still don't know how it got in, or how it got back out of our backyard.

On Monday, we decided that George needed a haircut. He gets so overheated when playing outside, and my husband felt that a haircut would help George out. Because we had nowhere else to be for the week, and grocery shopping was done, I took this opportunity to give George his very first mohawk.

There is actually a reason I did this. At the beginning of summer, back in the 1950s, my grandfather in Hawaii would give his sons a mohawk once school got out. I was able to find this picture of my dad with two is his two older brothers, sporting their new mohawks. My dad is in the middle and his mohawk is barely visible, as he was the only child with light blonde hair.

"Papa" and his older brothers, about 1953 in Waialua, Hawaii.

I surprised my dad the next day by showing George with his mohawk. My dad sure got a kick out of it. George's mohawk is more of the "punky" look, and it tends to curl over even with gel in his hair (George has naturally curly hair). I told George he can keep the mohawk for the rest of the week. I asked him last night if I could cut it and he said he wanted to keep it for just one more day. I told him that would be fine as long as it was gone before Sunday, as the mohawk is not appropriate for church (my personal opinion; not a church policy). 

The very next day, Bridget lost another tooth! This is two weeks in a row now that the tooth fairy has made a visit to our house. Fortunately, Bridget has no more loose teeth in her mouth. I thought that she would have difficulty talking and eating, but she seems to be doing just fine. Her adult teeth are already coming in. I imagine she'll have a full smile again in a few short months (though the goofy, toothless 6-year-old look is cute, too).

I couldn't post pictures of the older two without including this little guy. My husband snapped this picture of him last night as I was cooking dinner. Liam now opens the kitchen gate and invites himself in to the kitchen while I am at the stove. He knows he is not supposed to be in there and I reminded him that the stove is hot. As he is saying the word "hot" over and over again, he puts on both of the oven mitts to show that he is being safe around the hot stove. My husband got a kick out of it. I must say, he is one funny baby. He will be two later this month so I guess I should stop calling him the baby. 

We are enjoying our summer and doing school work when circumstances allow (usually when Liam is taking his afternoon nap). The power went out two nights ago for a couple of hours and I took that opportunity to read a couple of chapters of The Iliad to Bridget. She was scared (it was also very stormy) and I knew a story would calm her down. Even at 10 o'clock at night, I'll find the opportunity to do "school".

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  1. All three kids will always be your baby and you have every right to always call them that. My mom still calls me her baby and it's been three decades of life.

    1. That is so sweet. And you are right, they will always be my babies.

  2. This post was so sweet. I loved seeing the picture of your dad and how you recreated it with George. I love family history moments like those--linking the generations. I loved Bridget's toothless smile. I can't wait until Kaitlyn starts losing teeth! None loose yet.
    How's the house coming?

    1. Thanks, Marcie! It is so nice to hear from you! As for the house, we signed the contract to build almost 3 months ago and they have not yet poured the foundation. The Edwards' house was 2 months behind schedule, so I'm not too surprised (by the way, they are going to be our next door neighbors now!). The new move-in date is sometime in mid-December, though I can see that being pushed further back into 2017.

      We have been having intense summer storms here lately. In fact, we're having one right now. If Spencer's interest is still in meteorology, he'd probably be loving it right now!

  3. The turtle brought back some childhood memories of my turtle named Petunia. My 7yo is just starting to lose teeth...special little grins :)


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