Sunday, July 31, 2016

Liam turns TWO!

I could not let the month of July end without sharing these pictures of Liam on his birthday. He's lucky (just like his big brother) to not have to share his birthday month with anyone else in the family. A week and a half ago, we were able to celebrate this little boys second birthday. I cannot believe my baby is already two! Where does the time go?!?

We like to keep things low-key and simple. All four grandparents were able to join us for presents and cake. For gifts, my parents got him an peek-a-boo Elmo and my in-laws gave him a toy firetruck. He has since slept in his crib with both of his new toys ever since. 

I decided somewhat at the last minute to make Liam an Elmo birthday cake. I had the pan from Bridget's second birthday years ago, but did not use it for George because he absolutely hated Sesame Street. Liam does not care for television, but has spotted Elmo in a few books and also on his diapers (thank you, Pampers, for making it so my two-year-old will not wear any diaper that does not have a picture of Elmo). He gets excited and shouts, "Mo-mo!" every time he see's this silly red monster. 

I had to strip the baby down for his birthday cake, because I loathe trying to remove stains from clothing. Bridget and George are so good at celebrating Liam's birthday (or anyone's birthday, for that matter). They sang loud and were possibly more excited than the birthday boy.

Of course since I stripped Liam down to his diaper to eat his cake, he decided he would eat like a civilized person. His utensil-using skills are very good for his age. After a while, he realized how cute he was being and entertained us. The entire day, I was only able to capture one picture of Liam looking directly at the camera.

These next pictures I took of the children the night before Liam's birthday. I had just put the cake in the oven and the children gathered around to watch. 

This redheaded little boy has brought so much joy into our lives. We are so lucky to call him ours. 

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  1. Super happy birthday to your little guy! What fun! And the cake looks amazing. I love, love, love homemade cakes for birthdays. They are such an extra special treat that make birthdays even more special.


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