Friday, June 24, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #25


What a week! Father's Day was on Sunday and the children enjoyed showering Daddy with affection. At church, the primary children got up and sang a song for their fathers. Bridget is a good sport and has always gone up to sing her songs with the other children in front of the congregation, but George has always been too afraid. However, this time he want up! He was so cute singing. They both were. I know that daddy appreciated it. 

The following day, my husband took off from work and spent the day with us. We made a visit to the blueberry farm and had a delightful time. My husband's parents joined us and all together we picked about 8 pounds of blueberries (for $12!). 

Afterward, we headed to my husband's hometown for lunch. While we were at the restaurant waiting for our food, I brought out my camera to see the pictures I had taken at the blueberry farm and Liam decided to start cheesing it up. Naturally, I had to take a picture. 

On Wednesday night, we had avery severe thunderstorm that came through our area. It got really bad around 11:30 p.m. as I was reading in bed and I got up to take a peek out the window. Lighting was flashing constantly (like a flash second---I'm not kidding) even though I did not hear very much thunder. The wind was blowing strong and I was very nervous. I consulted with my husband (who had woken up from the loud noises of the storm) about whether or not I should wake the kids and take them to our 'safe room'. We checked the weather quickly to see if there was a tornado warning and saw none, so we let the kids sleep while I kept an eye out. Finally, the storm passed and I was able to get some sleep.

The following morning, I took a look at the backyard to see the damage and was surprised not to find it full of storm debris. I did notice that our tomato plants had been hit and were leaning. It is too soon to tell whether or not they will survive. They are over 6 feet tall (this is not an exaggeration) and well over the height of their cages. While we were sad about our tomato plants, we were able to get our first harvest from them that afternoon. There are many more green ones left that we hope will continue to grow.

Other than the excitement of picking tomatoes, Bridget had some excitement of her very own. Her two front teeth have been loose since the end of April. Over the past week, they have finally gotten loose enough to anticipate their coming out. I took one last picture of Bridget with her full smile, as I knew one of them were bound to come out that day.

George is captivated by this whole loose tooth business that he has been following Bridget around just to keep up-to-date on her teeth. He brought out one of the Berenstain Bear books where Sister Bear gets her first loose tooth and had been 'reading' it all day. Bridget was nice enough to let George wiggle at her tooth. You can tell by his face that he didn't know what to think!

The children went about their business, played with Papa who came over for a visit, and lo and behold, an hour after I took those pictures, the tooth was out! 

Bridget had come running out of her bedroom in freak-out mode because she had been playing with a toy flute and somehow knocked her tooth backwards where it was barely hanging on. When I took a look in her mouth, I knew it was time. I got a wet paper towel and had her lay down on the couch. She was terrified. So I gave her the paper towel and told her to do it, and she did! 

I cleaned the tooth in the sink and she went running to show Papa, George, and Liam the empty space in her mouth. And here it is. Baby tooth #3. 


This week, we have been reading about the Greek gods and goddesses. As a child, I was fascinated by the stories of ancient Greek mythology. As I was reading to Bridget, I realized that this has not changed. I am still fascinated by it all. It might be time to check out a few books from the library for myself on the subject. I am especially loving this book. The stories are well written and the illustrations are great. I will need to look into purchasing their book on Norse myths for the upcoming school year.

An easier version of The Iliad that I had ordered came in yesterday. Our local bookstore had The Odyssey so I was able to get that but wanted to read The Iliad to Bridget first. We began reading a version of it that went a bit over her head, so once I found that Classic Starts has an easier version of it, I knew that it would work. I have already read many of the Classic Starts book to the children and they follow along very nicely. I hope to start on The Iliad this weekend and finish both books by the middle of next week.

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  1. Oh wow, love that your kids are reading Berenstain Bears! I loved those as a kid.

    1. We love them too! I was fortunate that my parents saved them from my childhood, so we have quite the collection.


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