Friday, June 10, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #23

Bridget and George have spent every day this week at swimming lessons. We've been lucky that the weather has been nice. My dad has offered to watch Liam while we are at swimming lessons, which is a huge help.

Liam has developed a love of coloring this week. It has almost become an obsession. He has given up all of his toys and has spent nearly all of his free time at the homeschool table with the crayon box and a lot of paper. They are all scribbles, but they are the sweetest scribbles ever. He scribbles for a little bit, then lifts up his paper and calls for me to look at it. Then he scribbles some more. He puts a lot of focus into it and makes the sweetest faces as he concentrates. He and Bridget have spent many afternoons coloring together. George takes the opportunity to play with his train set without baby brother being involved.

Almost forgot, but for journaling purposes, last Saturday evening, George gave us quite a scare. He and Liam were racing and George was pushing his firetruck and somehow tripped and toppled over his firetruck and landed on his face on the hardwood floor. He began screaming instantly and I thought he had broken something (he had landed with his arm twisted under him). I got down on the floor and scooped him into my lap to examine him as he's screaming. I kept asking him what hurts (since his arms and legs seem to be moving just fine) and he finally gets the words out that his nose hurts. It was at that moment that blood started coming out of his nose. Daddy was already at the freezer getting ice and Bridget got tissue for me to discreetly wipe the blood from George's face (I did not want him knowing he had any blood---it would only scare him). He also had a scratch on his forehead from the seam in our hardwood floor. Daddy and I took turns holding George on the couch as he held ice to his face. The crying stopped after a few minutes and we determined that his nose was not broken, but my heart was. George is my most accident-prone child. Maybe it's a boy thing. We've been fortunate that he not yet broken any bones. All he ended up with this time was a little cut, a bloody nose, and redness on his forehead and around his eye. 

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  1. Boys and their sense of adventure. Clark scares me half to death so many times and then somehow ends up back to his giggly little self.

  2. Those little "owies" do hurt the mama's heart. I'm glad that he is okay.

  3. I think it is a boy thing; I do not go anywhere without a first aid kit and band aids and all my friends with girls look at me so strangely... but I have used them so often it's uncanny. We've had many Er trips for stitches, broken bones, and accidents that thankfully looked worse than they were.


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