Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Swimming Lessons 2016

Last week, we finished our two-week stint of swimming lessons. The swim school chooses this rigorous style of teaching swimming over the once-a-week lesson. Both have its pros and cons. For me, I prefer to get it all out of the way in two weeks (4 lessons per week) rather than have it drag on all through summer and feeling like I need to work my vacation schedule around swimming lessons. 

During the final lesson (Parent's Day), I spent a lot of time going back and forth to opposite sides of the pool to watch both Bridget and George showing off their progress. My husband, my dad, and baby Liam also came along to watch. 

The photos are self-explanatory. Here is George showing off what he learned this year.

George has gotten better at putting his head under water. I don't think he is opening his eyes yet. He also jumped off the side of the pool (with assistance) and went under the water. This type of thing would not have happened last year.

Bridget is also doing better this year. She now opens her eyes under water. She is also "swimming" a short distance without an adult holding on to her (last year, she'd panic every time she felt her instructors hand let go). 

Earlier in the week, they had life jacket and safety day. We live on the coast, approximately a 2-hour drive from the beach, but there are very large river systems in the area and boating is a popular activity. The goal for the students is to feel comfortable in a life jacket and how to float comfortably in one as they wait to be rescued (should they ever fall from a boat).  

They also learned to rescue someone from the water using a towel. They advise that little ones not jump into the pool to rescue someone, as they may need to be rescued themselves. However, laying on the side of the pool and throwing a towel or something else for the person to grab hold of is a way that a younger child could try to help (as they also signal for help from a more experienced swimmer). 

I am pleased with their progress this year. Unfortunately, we do not have access to a pool on a regular basis, so much of what they learn gets forgotten by the following year. Hopefully that will soon change. 

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