Monday, June 6, 2016

"Medieval Times" in Myrtle Beach

We ended our first day in Myrtle Beach by attending a Medieval Times show. It worked out perfectly because we will be covering medieval times in history this upcoming school year. 

When we got there but before we were allowed into the arena, we decided to get the kids a special treat. George and Liam got swords and Bridget got a wand. Since the show, the boys have gotten good use out of the swords. Most of the time they will play nicely, but boys will be boys and mom will be mom and have to take the swords away. 

If you've never been to see Medieval Times, it is a dinner show. They offer two types of dinners: a chicken dinner or a vegetarian dinner. We always get the vegetarian dinner, which is a delicious three-bean stew served over brown rice. For the appetizer, they bring out hummus, pita, celery, and carrots. The non-vegetarian dinner is a large chicken drumstick, garlic toast, and corn on the cob. The meat-eaters are required to eat only using their hands but us civilized vegetarians are given a spoon.

For the show, they bring out horses and knights. First they participate in contests with the horses. Afterwards, they participate in combat using all sorts of medieval weapons. It is all choreographed, though the kids don't know that so they're always sitting on the edge of their seats with their eyes wide open.

One of the knights threw Bridget a flower. She did not know what to think about that. Any attention from boys makes her nervous and a little embarrassed. After the show, Bridget got a picture with the princess.

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