Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gymnastics 2016: Little Flippers

Gymnastics has also been great for this guy (if you missed the post yesterday about my daughter, click here). His class is just a little about skill and a lot more about fun. George has learned well to follow instructions from his teachers. He also knows just what to do and say to make them laugh. 

George is the complete opposite of his big sister, except during Parent's Week. This normally rambunctious little boy becomes just as shy as Bridget. But he does still smile. A lot. 

George has also waited all year for another medal. He was so very proud to be standing up there.

Always on the move, George hardly ever gives me a good picture. He has better things to do than pose for mom. However, as he was waiting for his other classmates to get their medals, he did happen to look right at me when I had the camera. No smile, but I do love this sweet face. He's growing up way too fast.

George has also been enrolled for the summer season, but just this week we have decided that this will also be his last season of gymnastics. We have not yet broken the news to him. We want to keep him active and will be trying t-ball and/or soccer in the fall. But because his extracurricular options are limited (he is a post-open heart surgery patient), he may be back in a couple of years.

Although it is the end of a season in more ways than one, I am still so very proud of my little gymnasts.

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