Monday, June 20, 2016

Gymnastics 2016: Girls' Skills Development

At the end of May, we attended the last Parent's Week of the season for gymnastics. Bridget got to show off the skills that she has developed this year. She has gotten very good on the bars and the trampoline, but I found the balance beam to be Bridget's biggest improvement. While she is still nervous up there, she is much more confident than before. 

After their last class, the younger children receive medals for their efforts throughout the year. Bridget had been asking me every week since January if she was going to be getting her medal soon. The day had finally come, and as you can see, she is very happy about that. In a public setting, this is a huge smile from Bridget, who is normally very shy and reserved.

We enrolled Bridget in the same class for the summer to keep her busy, but after summer is over she will be putting away her sparkly leotard for good. We have decided to have her focus more on dance, as she enjoys that just as much. She is very sad to be leaving gymnastics but she has had a fun three years. 

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