Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #18 and #19

In the months of January through April, I don't blog very much because nothing all that interesting is happenings. Once May rolls around, our schedules become busy and while I have things to blog about, I can never find the time! Here are the past couple of weeks in a nutshell.

George was able to attend the Father-Son campout with Daddy and Granddaddy. We missed our family camping trip due to rain and were worried the boys would miss out on this trip but it all worked out well and that had a great time. 

Bridget got her very first haircut. It was well below her waist and it was something I had been meaning to do for awhile but never set up the appointment to do so. She insisted that her hair still be long, so we only cut off about 5-6 inches. 

At the very beginning of May, I was diagnosed with strep throat. I limited my contact with the children as much as possible and they were able to avoid getting sick, or so I thought. Bridget woke up on Mother's Day with a fever. A couple of hours later, Liam had a fever. George was going to be attending church with Daddy and I took his temperature to be sure he was healthy before they got ready and he had a fever too! I spent Mother's Day at home with three sick children. The following Friday, after a week of fevers coming and going, all three children were diagnosed with strep throat (and George with an ear infection on top of that). The doctor and I were both shocked because they all acted fine, had no complaints of sore throats, and only had mildly runny noses! I had taken them in Friday morning as a precaution (due to the fevers coming and going throughout the week) with our upcoming busy weekend. Fortunately, they were started on antibiotics immediately and the contagious period of 24 hours after the start of the antibiotics passed before Bridget had to be on stage the following afternoon.

Bridget had a lovely performance on Saturday and is preparing for another performance this afternoon. I tried so hard to get a picture of the boys with their big sister, but this was as good as it was going to get. They had just sat through two hours of dancing, so I can't really blame them!

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