Monday, May 23, 2016

The Supportive Brothers

It seems that the month of May is all about Bridget, as we are busy, busy, busy driving her to and from dance rehearsals, trying on costumes, and getting ready for showtime. We are even busier when performance weekend is here, as the grandparents have come to watch her dance. My camera is often full of pictures of Bridget, and so are my Facebook posts. So I felt that I needed to take a break and share something of my sweet boys. 

They are not pushed aside and forgotten during the month of May. I do spend a lot of time with them (I am a stay-at-home mother, after all), though I admit that it is not always well documented. For example, during one of Bridget's dress-rehearsals, my husband and I took the boys to the Greenway where George was able to ride his bike as I pushed Liam in the stroller. We enjoyed the peace and quiet and a bit of nature in our very busy town. We had such a great time that I forgot to take any pictures. It happens. Especially with very active boys.

I love that my boys are also well-behaved enough that they were able to sit with us during each performance. George was most excited whenever Bridget was going to be coming on the stage. Once she was up there, he was proudly watching his big sister. Liam is too young to notice where Bridget is on the stage, but he did enjoy the entire show and applauded after each scene.

George had gathered a couple of leaves while I was taking Bridget's after-performance pictures. I put him up by the fountain to get some of him too. Unfortunately, most of the pictures were of the leaves in front of his face, as he was waving them around. He so badly wanted to throw them into the fountain and to gather more and do the same.

Liam had a grand time standing on a little patch of soft mondo grass in front of this tree. The sun was in his eyes, so it was difficult to get him to look up. But he was laughing every time he'd lift his foot up only to put it back down and watch it sink under the mondo. It's the simple things that bring him such joy.

The boys really do love and are proud of their big sister, even though it does not show in this picture. They were both distracted and wanted to play instead of pose for a picture, so this is the only half-decent shot I got of all three of my children.

My dear boys, I am so lucky to be your momma. Thanks for putting up with us girls during this hectic month.

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