Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tap/Jazz 2016: "Danze Beatz"

We made it through the final performance of the season!! Bridget has finished her first year of Tap/Jazz and the day after her ballet performance, she was back on the stage doing something quite different. I was hesitant to enroll her in tap/jazz because I felt that some of the dance moves might be a bit risqué for my 6-year-old. But because Bridget wanted to learn to tap dance, I took that leap of faith and it all worked out. 

The tap and jazz classes are the same and they alternate the style of dance every two weeks. For the final performance, Bridget got to wear this super cute pink outfit (she loved it the moment she saw it) for both her tap and jazz performances. This made Daddy's wallet very happy, as dance costumes tend to be a bit pricey. 

First up was the jazz performance to Katy Perry's "California Girls". You have no idea how stressed I was when Bridget first started humming the tune to the song during the weeks leading up to the performance. If you've ever listened to the original, you'd know why. My prayers were answered and the girls danced to a kid-friendly version of the song. Bridget did great and for the first time, she smiled while on the stage!! Usually she is so focused on getting everything right that she appears very serious. It was only a small smile that lasted just a few seconds before she was back in serious mode. We all enjoyed the performance and I, of course, snapped way too many pictures. They're memories, folks.

After the jazz performance, the girls quickly went backstage to change into their tap shoes while we watched two other performances. Then they came back and tap danced to Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass". I had the same thoughts running through my mind with this song as I did with the first song. But again, it all worked out and the bad lyrics were edited to be family-friendly. 

For the entire dance routine, Bridget was behind one of the older girls and we were sitting at a bad angle so we could not see her well enough to get a good picture. We were so bummed! However, we were able to see her legs and feet and they seemed to keep up well with the older girl in front of her, so it's safe to say that she did just fine. I did manage to get one picture of her leaving the stage wearing her tap shoes.

It would not be an official performance if I did not keep up the tradition of taking her picture in front of the auditorium and the water fountain.

Because this year was the first year for her, and I considered it to be a trial run of tap/jazz, I asked Bridget after her performance if she still wanted to take tap and jazz again next year. She really wants to, so I guess we'll be back at it again next season!

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  1. They get hooked on dancing so young. Your daughter is very cute in her costume.
    Blessings, Dawn


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