Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New House Update #1

I am sure that this will be the first of many, many updates. A couple of weeks ago, we signed a contract to build our new home. This week, we met with the design center to finalize our floor plan modifications, light switches and receptacle placements, and house colors. 

The evening before our meeting, we loaded the van up after dinner and went to the new neighborhood to scope out possible house colors. The first stop we made was at our lot to see if they had cleared away any of the debris from a few weeks ago. As you can see, they had not. This is a picture I made from the back of the property looking towards the road. My husband was walking through the dirt/mud by the big mounds of dirt that will be getting hauled away. 

Back of the property facing the road

Our new backyard will be much larger than our current one. We're all very excited about that! The next picture is of the back of our new neighbors house to see about the size our backyard will be. 

The new neighbors are actually friends of ours. We had both been looking to build in this neighborhood around the same time. However, we were also looking at an older house in a neighborhood by our church but learned that the house had a bunch of mold and other issues (it was built in the 70's) and the owner was unwilling to lower the price of the house to account for the many repairs that would need to be made. So we came back to this neighborhood and had a lot picked out across the street from our friends. Because my husband and I were unable to get the details worked out until after tax season ended (his busiest time of the year), we lost our original lot to another buyer and went with our second choice next to our friends. The lot is a tiny bit smaller than our first choice, but actually works better for us because of the direction the house faces. Our backyard is facing the east, giving our future garden lot's of morning sun. It's really nice knowing at least one of our neighbors and that they're good folks.

This is the current state of the road. Both ends of the road are complete and the houses built, but this middle section is unfinished. With all of the rain we've been having, the crews have been unable to fill in the road. A huge puddle sits just beyond those barriers.

Our future home site from the neighbors driveway

This is the direction we would be driving to get to the house once the road is finished. For right now, we have to drive around the neighborhood to get to the back.

These are the colors we picked for our house. We had gone in thinking we wanted a dark blue or dark green color, but in the end decided on something light. The house will be "sterling gray" and vinyl siding (not the siding shown). The shutters will be a dark gray called "peppercorn". And of course, there is the brick foundation.

Now we wait for permits.

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