Saturday, May 28, 2016

June 2016 Menu

Now that everything has settled down after tax season and our vacation, it was time to get back into planning mode. I used to post weekly meal plans, but honestly, I got tired of doing that each week. It is much easier to plan an entire month and go from there! 

Posting a menu makes me feel more accountable and so that I don't get lazy and serve the children cereal every night for dinner. Besides, I love reading what other mom's have planned for meals, so why not share mine as well?

This month, we are headed into blueberry season. There is a blueberry farm near my in-laws house that we plan on going to in the early part of June. I've tried to incorporate blueberries into a couple of our Sunday breakfasts. My husband and son George do not care for blueberries, which is why I have not gone overboard. Bridget and Liam, however, would eat their weight in blueberries if I'd allow it. 

Note: You should be able to click on the menu to enlarge it, if you're really curious about what we'll be eating. 

Happy Planning! 


  1. A whole month! Wow! Your organizational skills are impressive.

    1. It is the one thing I feel I have complete control of at the moment. With the upcoming move, everything else is complete chaos!


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