Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bridget's FIRST Haircut!

We have put this off for years, but it was finally time for Bridget to get her first haircut. She was mostly bald up until the age of 2, and we were so excited that she finally had enough hair to put into a ponytail at almost age 3. Her hair growth took off from there and she has loved having it long. Now at the age of 6, we felt it was time to warm her up to the idea of getting her hair cut. Finally, she was the one telling me to schedule the appointment. So I did! 

Here are the "before" pictures. (Excuse the leotard. We were getting ready for ballet and I snapped the pictures just before putting her hair up in a bun.)  

She wanted us to get our hair cut together, so after ballet we headed over to our appointment with Kelly. Bridget wanted me to go first (I had about 3-4 inches cut to even out my hair which is still trying to recover from post-baby hair loss---nothing dramatic). 

Then it was her turn! Her hair looked especially wild since it had been in a tight bun. 

Kelly tied the ends of Bridget's hair, her "baby hair", into a ponytail so that I could keep it for Bridget's baby book. The ponytail was about 5-6 inches of hair. Then Kelly did some more cutting to even it all out before Bridget got her hair washed, dried, and trimmed some more.

When she was all done with the cutting, Kelly asked Bridget if she wanted some waves or to make it straight, and Bridget opted for straight hair (though I was hoping Bridget would ask for waves).

Since Bridget really doesn't smile for pictures when we are around other people, I didn't take any good "after" pictures until the following morning. She had almost no tangles and she is absolutely loving her new hair.

My biggest fear of getting Bridget's hair cut was that it would make her look too grown up. While it does make her look older, I still think she is absolutely adorable. Love this girl!

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  1. The haircut looks great on Bridget! I see a future hair donor in the making here!


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