Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ballet 2016: "Goldilocks"

Last weekend, we attended Bridget's ballet performance of Goldilocks. The entire performance covered various fairy tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and Thumbelina. Bridget's class performed Goldilocks. 

Each year, I take a picture of Bridget in front of the auditorium. 

Bridget and her friend skipping down to the front of the stage to dance with Goldilocks and Baby Bear.

Dancing with Baby Bear:

The performance was very sweet. I love seeing all those precious little ballerinas on stage, doing their very best. They spend months preparing each spring to show off all that they have learned.

Bridget is a very shy girl, but is surprisingly comfortable on the stage. We probably spoil her too much after her performances, but we are just so happy that she is doing something that she loves.

We were worried that Bridget's two front teeth would not make it to the performance. They have been very loose for weeks now. It has now been a week since the performance, but they are still hanging on!

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