Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Chilly Day at the Beach!

Last week, we took a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It's an annual trip we go on at about the same time every year. My husband's boss has a condo there that he graciously allows his employees to stay at. We like to bring a set of grandparents along with us, and alternate each year. This year, we brought along my husband's parents. It is always nice to have the extra sets of eyes and hands for the children, not to mention two additional playmates to keep them occupied. We always have a great time together.

This year's trip was very unusual, as it was a chilly 68 degrees in the middle of May. The sky was very cloudy, rarely allowing the sun to peek through. We tried to make the most of it. We all went to the beach on our first full day of vacation, as rain was expected in the later part of the week. We knew we had to jump at the chance of going to beach before it started raining (which it never did). 

This was Liam's third trip to the beach, but the first trip that he was walking around and playing in the sand. He had so much fun digging in the sand and dumping it. 

Because it was not the most beautiful day for the beach, we had much of it to ourselves. Doesn't Liam look so tiny with all that empty beach around him?

After watching Bridget and George run to the water, Liam decided that he wanted to run down to the shore and stick his feet in the water too. He smiled and giggled the entire way down to the water as I ran along side him with the camera. He's rather quick for a 1-year-old.

Once we got to the water, Liam changed his mind. His toes barely got in before he was ready to be picked up and held. I held him briefly to console him, but as soon as I'd put him back down (even if it wasn't in the water), he'd start crying again. It might just be me, but I find him adorable even when he's having a meltdown.

I tried so very hard to get pictures of Bridget and George at the beach. Bridget is mostly cooperative, but George is nearly impossible. He has always been one to keep busy, even at the beach (he's just like his Daddy). He made many trips back and forth from the water to his play area in the sand, bringing this watering can with him. He'd fill it up, run to go dump it in his sand creations, and be back at the water again in no time. While he was aware that I was following him and calling out to him to stop for a second so I could take his picture, he simply wouldn't. Too much had to be done.

Bridget did some playing in the sand, but she was mostly having a good time down by the water. It was too cold to get all the way in, so she only got wet up to her knees.

Liam was very happy once he was far away from the water. He loved walking in the dry, soft sand. If we had come on a warm and sunny day, he would not have been able to enjoy the sand, as it would have burned his little feet.

This might be the only picture I have of George looking at the camera. The look on his face should tell you that I interrupted his play time.

Daddy had dug a big hole in the sand with the children when we first got to the beach. As we were packing up to leave, we filled in the hole with a Bridget. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We went straight from the beach to the pool (after rinsing the sand from our feet). I did not get any pictures at the pool because I was tending to a fussy, water-phobic toddler. Bridget and George had a fun time going down the slides and floating around in the lazy river with Daddy. Although the weather was not the most ideal for a beach trip, we still had a great time.

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