Friday, April 22, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #16


We did it!!! We signed a contract to build our new house. It only took about a year to do, but it's a done deal. A 5% non-refundable deposit has been made, and we're totally doing this.

This week we also went strawberry picking and visited farm animals. The weather was beautiful and we all had a fantastic time.

Bridget and her basket of strawberries
George telling us how to pick strawberries
Liam and his new chicken friends

The children have been most excited about going camping this weekend with our church group, but last night we made the decision to cancel. The area where the campground is located is expecting thunderstorms today and tomorrow. I promised Bridget and George that they can still have a campout in the living room tonight and sleep in their sleeping bags. While living room camping is not as much fun as a campground with canoes, a fire for roasting marshmallows, and lot's of friends to play with, this did at least soften the blow and they're now looking forward to it.


In order to catch up, we're now doing both science and history daily rather than on opposite days. For history, we're in India. In order to help us study India this week, we borrowed a few fun books from the library.


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  1. Strawberry picking --how fun! We've read One Grain of Rice and it's a neat book and very interesting. Congratulations on your house, very exciting!

  2. I can not wait to go strawberry picking again this summer! I love strawberries.

  3. We love strawberry picking.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Strawberry picking sounds like such fond! We are actually planting strawberries today and I'm so excited about it. Congratulations on your house!!! #WeeklyWrapUp


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