Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our Last Little Garden

The first of many "lasts" in our current house: planting our summer garden! 

The children love working in the garden with Daddy. Bridget and George went with Daddy to the plant nursery while I stayed home with Liam as he napped. No more than five minutes after they returned home, they were all out in the garden! This year, they are keeping things very simple by only planting tomatoes, bell peppers, and marigolds.

Liam was not too interested in planting anything, as he was too busy playing with the water hose.

George loves being out in the garden and often refers to it as "my garden". He is completely in his element when he is working out there. He does a fantastic job of digging holes and gently putting the plants in the ground and filling in the soil around them. He does it with such great care. I know he is looking forward to our new home and hopefully a much bigger garden.

Bridget is mostly an observer now, though she did want to be the one to plant the marigolds. She does not seem to want to get dirty in the garden anymore. I don't know what I've done wrong, but I was the complete opposite as a child. I'll need to work on that with her.

In our garden, we also have strawberries that have returned year after year, that the birds usually get to the strawberries before we do. Daddy's experiment with growing onions is also continuing from last year. We have another small section of the garden with nothing in it. I suggested squash, but I don't think anyone heard me.

We have enjoyed our little raised bed garden. I do hope our renters enjoy it as much as we have!


  1. Your garden looks like so much fun :) I am just now getting in the planning mode. We are still having freezes this year. I have decided to keep it very small this year. I need to simplify.

    Enjoy these sweet memories and have fun with your new home.

    1. Thank you! It has been a great beginners garden for the kids. I can't believe you're still have freezes! It was 91 degrees here this afternoon.


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