Thursday, April 21, 2016

Farm Friends

The farm that we went to for strawberry picking also has many farm animals to visit with. There was a pig, turkeys, peacocks, goats, alpacas, a donkey, and many, many, chickens. The children enjoyed getting to know each animal. 

This was also Liam's first experience seeing so many of them in one place and his reactions were priceless. He made good friends with this chicken that had gotten over the fence and so badly wanted to get back in. Liam would follow it, then it would follow Liam. Big sister had to intervene to keep Liam from getting too close.

George enjoyed getting to know the goats best. When we got there, they were resting by the fence but once George got their attention, they were jumping on the fence and walking around trying to say hello. I really beginning to like goats. They always look as if they are smiling!

The farm also had two alpacas! They were enjoying the shade during our visit. North Carolina is a lot warmer than their native areas of the Andes mountains. Bridget and George both loved the alpacas because we learned about their close cousins, the llama, in science this year. Unfortunately, the alpacas were not active enough to get Liam's attention.

One highlight for me was seeing this huge turkey. It had its feathers puffed out the entire time and looked just like the turkeys they show in children's books about Thanksgiving. He was trying his very best to impress his lady friend, who was only trying to get away from him.

We made a second visit to say goodbye to this lonesome pig. He was trying to chew at something outside of his pen. Liam was very unsure about him, though he seemed friendly enough. As we were leaving, he began rolling around in the mud.

We will have to make a return trip to visit with the animals again before the season is over.

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