Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dance 2016 - Tap I

This was our first time watching Bridget in her tap class, as it is something new she is doing this year. She seems to follow her teacher's movements very well and I think we'll be doing this again next year.

One of the videos I was able to get. I think Bridget did a great job keeping up! At that age, I don't think I would have been doing the same.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dance 2016 - Beginning Ballet I

We always look forward to Parent Observation Week where Bridget has the opportunity to show us what she has been learning in her dance classes. Recently, they have begun using the barre in her ballet class. Bridget has waited for this moment. She said she feels more like a real ballerina now. 

Feet in first position

Bridget absolutely adores her teacher, Miss Becky. She has stated many times this year that when she grows up, she wants to be a dance teacher too. Here they are together preparing to demonstrate something for the class.

I only made one video during Bridget's ballet class, so this will have to do. They are now using music from Swan Lake. It's fun watching Bridget dance. She has come such a long way from when she first started pre-ballet nearly 3 years ago, and she has a long way to go. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #7


The children were able to see Daddy a lot more this week. It was Parent's Week for Bridget's dance classes, so he was able to make it to those and I brought the boys with me so that they could get some time in with him and so that the boys could also watch Bridget dance.

Today, my mother-in-law spent the day with us. We went to the library, which is an outing the children always seem to enjoy. I was able to get a good selection of books for science and the children and Grandma picked out a good amount of fun books to read. After the library, we met Daddy at our favorite Thai restaurant for lunch.

Other than those happenings, our week was pretty uneventful. Oh wait....

Last Saturday, Bridget lost her second tooth!!!! You'll have to excuse the tiny bit of blood in her mouth. I literally took the picture seconds after the tooth came out. That night, she put it under her pillow and the Tooth Fairy left her a dollar.

This second experience was very different for me because Bridget's permanent tooth had just broken through behind her baby tooth a day or two before her baby tooth came out. I had never seen such a thing, but later learned that it's called a "shark tooth" and that they're quite common (occurring in 1 out of 10 children). A week later, it does seem as though her tongue has pushed her permanent tooth forward a bit, or perhaps I am only imagining it. Here is what it looked like before the baby tooth came out.


We are really enjoying science right now and have been spending a little more time on that.

We have been reading Little House in the Big Woods every night after Liam goes to sleep. The kids look forward to it. We're almost done and that makes us sad, but I already have a few more read-alouds lined up.

I am also transitioning to a no-school-on-Friday schedule. I needed to have some wiggle room when it comes to make-up days, doctors appointments, and field trips, without entirely giving up our Saturdays. So far it is working and I have already begun planning next years school schedule (second grade is coming sooner than we think!) using a 4-day a week schedule. I'm liking it, as it will give us Fridays for field trips and Daddy time (my husband has off or only works half a day once tax season is over and we like to make the most of it).

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #5 and #6


I dropped the ball last week and did not feeling like blogging. My husband is working 60 hours a week and it has been just me Monday-Saturday taking care of the children and the house. It's rough, but I'm still here, though some days just barely.

It has been another special week for George. This week (February 7th-14th) is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. You can click the link to read about George's journey. Thinking about everything he went through brings up a lot of memories and emotions and I cannot help but hold him a little bit tighter and for a bit longer each day. Also in George news, he had his 4-year check-up on Tuesday. He is a whopping 38 pounds, closing the gap on his 46 pound big sister. This lands him in the 70th percentile for weight. For height, he is in the 78th percentile. He's going to be a big one like his daddy! At the end of his visit, he got four shots. I ended up taking him back to the doctor today because he seems to be having a reaction to one of the vaccines (most likely DTap). On Thursday, I drew a line around the affected area to see if it was still growing and sure enough it was. There is no red line though and nothing to indicate cellulitis, so the doctor thinks it should be mostly gone by Monday. We will of course be keeping a close eye on it all weekend.

It finally snowed this afternoon. There have been a few flakes falling here and there over the past month but nothing that stuck. The children were of course excited. I did not want to go out in the snow because I was cold enough being inside. But the children wanted to go out so we did.

There was not enough snow for a big snowman so Bridget made a baby snow man with the snow that had collected on the patio table.

I wanted a picture of all three of them together. This was the best they could do.

It was no easy task getting a picture of George. He was all over the place, throwing snow balls and hitting snow off of the swing set. I was happy to end up with this one. I think he was getting ready to throw a snowball at me. 

This was the first year that Liam got to walk around in the snow. At first, he just stood there taking it all in. He didn't know what it was and he was unsure about moving. He finally did some walking and tried to pick up the snow but was unsuccessful with those huge gloves on. 

Bridget making a snow angel. The snow really wasn't deep enough to make a good one.

I got to be in a picture too. I am glad I invested in a pair of ski pants 7 years ago for that one time I went skiing. They have come in handy over the years. I kept my warm pajama pants on underneath. It is the only way I could tolerate being out there. 


This past week has been a catch-up week. We've focused a lot on science and even did a scientific demonstration on camouflage that I had wanted to do when we first covered it but never got around to it in the beginning of the school year. Bridget did not mind going over what we had already learned. She loves any sort of experiment or activity to break up the usual school work.

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