Friday, January 29, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #4


This week is one that I would really like to leave behind. On Sunday, we discovered a weevil infestation in our pantry. The source was a box of spinach linguine I had bought a couple of months ago. They had dug themselves little holes in the pasta (or maybe mama weevil did this?) and were coming out. Many of them made their way out of the linguine box and into other boxes of pasta, a bag of rice, and a few boxes of crackers. We ended up throwing all of our pasta away. Some sites recommended that you just keep the pasta and when it boils, the weevils would float to the top. However, weevils are also known to carry E. coli, to which I say no thank you. So out it went. My husband and I thought we had gotten rid of everything Sunday night but the following morning, I found a few weevils in our bread as I was attempting to make George a sandwich. That did it for me. I emptied out the entire pantry, went through everything, threw away a few more things, and sprayed for bugs. My dad came over that morning to occupy the kids while I went into battle (and he also brought two pieces of bread so that George could still have a sandwich). We also had dinner at my parents house on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as my kitchen was still in disarray. Imagine the contents of a large pantry emptied into a not-so-big kitchen. I had no counter space left and our dining table was being used as storage.

I had appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday, on top of lessons for the children. My appointment on Wednesday was my annual eye exam and my eyes had to be dilated this time, which made me pretty much useless for the remainder of the day. My eyes were dilated in the morning, and by bedtime, my right eye was still dilated. And then on Thursday, I came down with a runny nose and was very tired. My dad thinks it is because I am exhausted from the week. He came over yesterday and told me to go take a nap for an hour. I ended up sleeping for over two hours, which is highly unusual for me since I rarely ever take a nap in the first place.

The best thing (and pretty much the only good thing) about this week is that today is a very special day for our family. Our sweet George is FOUR YEARS OLD! The festivities have only just  begun, as we will be celebrating his birthday today and tomorrow.


With everything that was going on this week, we did absolutely nothing with school. I'll be switching our upcoming week of vacation to a make-up week for school. It's not like we had anything fun planned anyway. 

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  1. Hope you are feeling better! I don't blame you about just throwing everything out!

  2. Oooo. I have never experienced a weevil infestation, but I have had other kind of vermin encroach upon my space. I'm glad I found your blog through Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. I would love to have you link up any of your posts about homeschooling and/or literacy at our Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup #LMMLinkup.


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