Friday, January 22, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #3


Is it really Friday? I do not know what happened to the week. We've been a lazy bunch this week and stayed indoors as much as possible. The weather is near freezing and we keep getting reports of snow, though I have not seen anything more than a few flakes. The central and western parts of our state have gotten a few inches. This morning, there was a bit of snow/ice on the housetops in our neighborhood, and on our back patio table.

The children have done well with entertaining themselves in the afternoons. While I was in the kitchen cooking dinner yesterday, they emptied out a storage box and pushed one another around. Bridget was pushing at least 1.5 times her weight when both boys were in the box. She got a good workout! She pushed them from one side of the living room, stopped midway and spun them around a few times, then pushed them back. George and Liam had a blast. George kept ordering her to go faster and Liam just sat there with the biggest smile on his face.

I could not decide which picture to share, so I am sharing a few. They all have different expressions in each one, and I treasure them all so much. I love seeing my children enjoy their childhoods together.

After Bridget tired out, George got out of the box and pushed Liam. With not so much weight in the box, George was able to push the box very fast, though I am not sure how much Liam enjoyed this. He looked worried most of the time.

This was our first full week without having Daddy around. The children were all still asleep when he left for work, and George and Liam were sound asleep when he came home, though Bridget was able to see him since she and I were usually reading stories on the couch. I felt that George was missing his daddy so on Wednesday morning, I told him to wake George up and bring him to our bed. That way George would get to see him before he left for work, and then George and I could snuggle before the other two woke up (George is my most snuggly child). 



Bridget is still reading this Dick and Jane book. 

She reads to me for 20-25 minutes each day after lunch. She rarely needs any help with the words. When she reads a word incorrectly, she catches it herself and tries again without me needing to stop her and help her. We are almost to the end of the book. I was able to renew it at the library for one last time. 

After we finish this book, we will be back with the BOB Books, though I think she will breeze right through those. She surprised me today when we sat down to read a book from the library we got for one of the animals we are studying in science. I opened to the first page and was about to start reading when all of the sudden she began reading the words to me. I did need to help her along with this book as it did contain some larger words and terms, but she ended up reading the entire thing with minimal help from me. What has happened to my little girl?


Bridget's sentences this week came from The Velveteen Rabbit, and we focused on the names of the seasons and how unlike the months of the year and days of the weeks, we do not capitalize the names of the seasons. Writing is now our easiest subject. She knows exactly what to do and gets her work done quickly. 


Bridget did an entire lesson this week and took the test. I am glad that she was able to get back on track. Some lessons she needs an extra week, but not this time. I hope in continues, though I am glad that we are able to take the extra time if it is needed.

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