Friday, January 8, 2016

Week in Review 2016: #1


The week was off to a good start. I was feeling refreshed after the weekend, in which I was able to plan an entire weekly menu and to all of the grocery shopping for the most part. All with enough time to prepare a delicious dinner on Saturday and prepare-in-advance our Sunday dinner. Things went smoothly at church. George adjusted well to his first Sunday in a new class and not in the nursery. Bridget also did well (she ended up with the same teachers as last year, and we can't complain---they are awesome!). Liam is still with me until the end of the month. He got cranky toward the end of church because he had not taken a nap. By the time we got home, he was sound asleep. My husband laid him on the floor in the living room and he slept like this for over an hour.

Monday also went great. Of many many personal goals this year, one of them is to record our lives a bit better. So I took part in a homemaking journal link-up and I must say, I enjoyed it! It really motivated me and I enjoyed reading other homemaker's journals. Right now I think I'll keep it on a Monday-only schedule, as with my Friday Week in Review posts, I think most everything we do throughout the week is covered.

On Monday afternoon we got a few snow flurries, which was very exciting for the children. Nothing else came of it, which disappointed them as they had big plans for playing in the snow the following day.

Then came Tuesday. Tuesday came very early in t he morning, when at 4:45 a.m., George came to the side of the bed and told me he is sick. I asked him what he meant by that, and he then told me he threw up. I got up, nudged the hubby to also get up (cleaning vomit + caring for sick child is most effective as a 2-person job). So there it was, off the side of his bed and on the floor. George did let me know that "blankey and teddy bear do not have throw up". Hubby and I cleaned up, then I got George set up on the couch with a bowl. Hubby went back to bed while I stayed on the couch with George. He threw up again at 5:25 a.m, this time only into the bowl. Cleaned that up, brought him a new bowl, and then I curled up on the other end of the couch to try and fall back asleep. That didn't happen, as George never fell back to sleep. He also didn't throw up again and not once ran a fever.

I called my dad after the other children had woken up, and asked if he could come over and occupy Liam and help me keep an eye on George while I did school with Bridget. I love having him so close by. He stayed all morning and left after lunch. After putting Liam down for his nap, I curled up on the couch with the older two with a few books. I had barely opened the cover of the first book when George was already asleep in my lap. Oh how I wished I could fall asleep too, but I had already committed to reading to Bridget. I put down George's book and got out the scriptures and Bridget had me read 4 chapters. I would have read more but my eyelids were falling, so I told her I was done. Dinner did not get made that night, but fortunately we had leftovers to eat.

The rest of the week dragged on and while George was fully recovered from whatever was wrong with him by Tuesday afternoon, I still feel I have not recovered from waking up so early that morning.

I did get started in accomplishing one of my other personal goals for the year, and that is to record my family history! I made my first post yesterday, and I felt as if I learned so much. I love sorting through old family photos and compiling a written history for my children.



Bridget wants to read all the time! She is hooked on this Dick and Jane book we borrowed from the library. 

We have borrowed it numerous times and I renew it as many time as they let me before I have to return it to the library and just check it back out a week later. While I do enjoy BOB Books for reading practice, the drawings in Dick and Jane books are impressive. I think that is what has drawn Bridget to this book, and also that what she is reading is more of an actual story as compared to the BOB Books. She is reading most of it all on her own now, and then wants me to read each story once she has read it aloud. 


Bridget is doing so well with writing. I like to look at her writing pages from August and compare them to today's work. My only complaint is that with some of her letters, she has gotten lazy and writes them a different way. I suppose that is my fault for being confident in letting her do her assignment on her own instead of watching her like a hawk as she writes each letter. I erase the letter in question (I can tell when she writes them incorrectly--such as lowercase "b", she will write the circle first, then the line going up) and I have her write it the correct way. 


Bridget took another math test early this week and only got one problem wrong, which was a silly mistake on her part. She knew the answer when I showed it to her, but I unfortunately still needed to count it as wrong.

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