Friday, December 18, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #50


We did a couple of fun things last Friday night. We drove to Raleigh to attend a Nativity Celebration and to watch Disney on Ice. We had a blast at both events. You can read about them in more detail by clicking on the links.

On Saturday, my husband took the boys to his parents house while Bridget and I spent the day together and watched a performance of The Nutcracker Ballet. It is an annual tradition of ours and we enjoyed it just as much this year as we have in the past. 

This week was also the last week of the year for all of our extracurricular activities. No gymnastics or dance until January! I'm a little excited about that. I really do not mind taking them to their classes, but it does feel nice that the only place we need to be for the next two weeks is church on Sunday.

In other news, we are getting closer to going under contract with our new house. There are a few more details to iron out and with my husband being an accountant, it makes the process take longer because he wants to know where all of the money is going, did we get a credit back for not including something, why does this cost this much when Lowes sells it for this much, it should not cost $1000 to install an oven... I could go on but I will stop there.

I was also forced to get a new phone this week. So far, I have been able to avoid having a smart phone. A few months ago, my dumb phone completely died. The battery would not hold a charge for even 5 minutes. My husband changed my phone to one of his old phones. This worked out for the first month, but the longest phone call I could have was 10 minutes before the phone shut off without warning. I had had enough of not having a reliable phone, so my husband ordered a brand new phone and phone plan and now I am rocking a smart phone with a pink case. I would still prefer not to have a smart phone, but technology will not let me stay behind. So far, my new phone is still being used only for phone calls and an occasional text message, so don't get too excited. I might decide to take a selfie one day, but don't hold your breath.


We did a lot of math drill sheets at the beginning of the week and Bridget has gotten so much better at her +9 problems. She is also wanting to read more. No more nagging at her to get a boo kto practice reading. Instead, she grabs the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading off of the bookshelf and sits at the homeschool table and reads whatever words she can. This is done during her free time, might I add.

We are still trying to get back on track but I am learning now not to stress it. We will be doing school next week to make up for the days we missed due to sickness. 

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  1. My husband still has a "dumb" phone and refuses to get a smart phone!


    1. My husband is the opposite. His phone is an extension of his body (which is why I refused to get one for so long)!

  2. I hear ya... I'd rather not have a smart phone either. Fought tooth and nail to keep my old flip phone.


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