Saturday, December 12, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #49


Last Friday night we attended our church's annual Christmas party. During the party, the primary children got up to perform a few songs while dressed in costumes related to the Nativity. Bridget is always shy during this, and she had herself almost completely covered by her costume (she was a woman shepherd). George decided not to go up and that is okay since he is technically not a part of the primary yet (he's still in the nursery).

We also made a couple of Christmas ornaments out of perler beads this week. I brought them out while Liam was taking his nap. Bridget had a blast and could not decide what to make. George thought it was neat for awhile. He made the outer blue border around his star, but then wanted me to finish it while he picked the colors. Neither of the ornaments are very Christmas-y, but it is what the children wanted to make. They were very proud of their creations.

George and his blue star ornament

Bridget and her rainbow heart ornament

On Friday, Liam did not feel too good. He did not wake up until after 9 o'clock and by 10:30, he was asleep again in my arms. He didn't feel like he had a high fever or anything but was just very sleepy. He fell asleep again after lunch, this time in daddy's arms. That night, we had made plans to go to Raleigh for a couple of things (which I will blog about later) and my parents watched Liam at their house. He fell asleep there around 7:30 in the evening, which is rather early even for him. He is however, back to his normal self again.

I also took a break from blogging this week because I have been working on a homeschool-related project. My computer time is very limited, so I can either blog and/or browse Facebook, or I can get some actual work done. I opted for the latter this week and was able to get a good amount of work done, considering the interruptions I get every two minutes.


As I had mentioned last week, we had gotten behind on our history notebook pages because I had only been making them a few at a time, but I am now working on just getting it all done for the year (and getting ahead for next year). In addition to that, I've made my own timeline cards. Nothing I found online was exactly what I wanted (I also need things to be very uniform). Because history is my favorite subject ever, my thoughts fly all over the place when I am teaching and I just need to stop and breathe and pick just a few additional topics to add to the curriculum (I could probably spend an entire year on ancient Greece). It is so easy to get lost in the study of the ancient world. Now that I've got it figured out, hopefully things will run more smoothly. 

I did manage to put together our Reading List for Story of the World, Volume 1 (Ancient Times) which will be an ongoing project, as we are barely halfway through the school year. 

Family Movie Night

With it being Christmas, we have been watching all of our Christmas movies almost daily. It has been nice and a real treat for the kids. 

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