Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Trimming the Tree

As part of our tradition, we go out and buy our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. The kids love going to pick out a Christmas tree to bring home and decorate. We were fortunate that the weekend was very warm (that will explain the shorts and t-shirts the children are wearing), which is always nice at this time of year as we prepare for a long streak of cold months.

Once daddy got our tree inside and put in the tree stand, I strung the lights and ribbon. (with the occasional help of the children). Once I finished with that, the kids knew the fun was about to begin. I let them decorate the tree with ornaments as I sat back and enjoyed the grand views of parenthood. They were very proud of their work and had a blast having the tree all to themselves. They even worked well together, sharing ornaments and chatting. The movie Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer was playing in the background.

George took his tree decorating very seriously. At any other time, he is a wild and rambunctious child, but he took such great care in putting each ornament on its branch. After he'd put a couple of ornaments on the tree, he'd take a step back and admire them, make sure they are just where he wants them, and then go get a few more from the box.

Bridget was most  selective in her decorating. She collected all of the glittery and the shiny gold ornaments. The other ornaments were not up to her sparkly standards and so she let George have all of those.

By the time they were done decorating the tree, it was covered from about mid-way down with ornaments. The top was bare! By the time Liam joined in the fun, we had to move all of the ornaments from the bottom of the tree to the top. Liam has also decided that he has wanted to rearrange the ribbon and so the bottom of our tree really does look quite sad now.

Every morning since the tree has been up, I turn on the lights and Liam enjoys his breakfast sippy cup of milk and admires the lights. His sweet and happy face when he sees the tree makes me temporarily forget his destructive nature.

Bridget does a great job at trying to keep Liam's hands off the ribbon and the lights. He wants to touch everything. He also likes to climb under and behind the tree, and has made multiple attempts to check the tree for water.

Our tree is not done yet. We still need to add our special ornaments, the tree skirt, and the angel on top (a job just for daddy). Then we can decorate the rest of the family room. Christmas is off to a great start at our home this year and we are all so excited for this magical season. I hope Christmas Day takes its time getting here because I already do not want this month to end!

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  1. That's so great! I can't wait till Clark stops trying to destroy my tree and can help me decorate it too!


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