Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Nutcracker Ballet 2015

Bridget and I have a Christmas tradition of attending our local Nutcracker performance. Many of Bridget's teachers and dancers from her dance academy participate, along with a few professional ballet dancers. We always have a great time getting dressed up and spending quality mommy-daughter time together. It won't be too long before this tradition ends and she will be the one on stage (or so she hopes). 

In the spring, we go to the same auditorium to watch her annual performance and have her picture taken in front of this fountain. This time she wasn't on stage but she wanted her picture taken anyway.

I usually get seats in the middle section, toward the back (because that is what is left other than the balcony section when I get around to purchasing them). This time, I got seats off to the left for a different view. This worked out better for us. We were so close to the stage and the orchestra. Here is Bridget in the aisle next to the row we were sitting on.

Bridget loved seeing her dance teachers play the parts of the parents at the beginning. Three of her teachers happen to be in this one picture.

One of my favorite parts is when they enter the land of snow:

What we did during intermission:

We also ran into Miss North Carolina's Outstanding Teen of 2015, McKenzie Hansley. Bridget saw her and thought she was a princess. We were about to go back in to take our seats in the auditorium but Bridget kept looking back at her, so I asked Bridget if she wanted to go say hello. Of course Bridget did not verbally say hello, being that she is incredibly shy, but I did get a picture of them together.

Once back inside, Bridget got to hold her new Christmas ornament, the Snow Queen. Another one to add to her collection.

The performance started back in the Kingdom of the Sweets. One of Bridget's older friends from ballet was playing the part of the court princess. Bridget was so excited to see her on the stage, and she did a fantastic job. The picture did not turn out the greatest (using the flash on the camera was not allowed) but she really did look just like a princess.

We also saw a few more of the older girls that help Bridget dancing in various other parts, but the pictures did not turn out. The very last part of  the performance, the Pas de Deux, is Bridget's favorite part. She got teary eyed and told me that she was almost crying because she loves the performance so much. Professional ballet dancers Maki Onuki (playing the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy) and Tamas Krizsa from The Washington Ballet were amazing.

The night of the performance as my husband and I were putting the kids to bed, Bridget began sobbing, saying that she wanted to see the performance again and that she was so sad that she has to wait an entire year. I am glad that she loves The Nutcracker Ballet so much.

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