Monday, December 14, 2015

Disney on Ice 2015

Last week, a dear friend of mine offered us her Disney on Ice tickets, as her family would be unable to attend the show. Not wanting the tickets to go to waste, she thought of my little family. I accepted her offer and the children were excited for the rest of the week and asked many times each day, "Is it time to go see the ice dancers now?" 

We were already planning on going to the Raleigh area that evening for a Nativity display, even though that plan was not yet set in stone because we had no idea what to expect and did not want to make the journey just to have it be a big flop (although it ended up being fantastic). The Disney on Ice tickets made the trip extra special. We took Bridget and George, leaving Liam at home with my parents. 

I loved seeing the looks of wonder on my children's faces as they watched the skaters dance on the ice dressed as some of their favorite Disney characters. I had never seen ice skating before (other than on television), so I was just  as excited. The show started with one of my favorites, Jiminy Cricket singing "When You Wish Upon A Star", with the Blue Fairy dancing on the ice.

Then came Bridget's favorite Disney characters from Beauty and the Beast! She was so excited and giddy! Rarely ever have I seen her express that sort of excitement in public. She was applauding and everything. 

Then many of the other Disney princesses came out. I tried to take photos of all of Bridget's favorites.

The dancers devoted a large segment of the show to the movie Frozen. My kids did not mind this at all. When Olaf came out, George started yelling, "It's Olaf! Look Mommy, it's Olaf!!!! Take a picture of Olaf!!!!!". I had the camera on him because of how excited he was, and he kept yelling at me over and over again and pointing his finger to Olaf. I finally turned the camera and got one of Olaf to make him happy.

A few other highlights of the show were of Aladdin and the Genie dancing to "Friend Like Me" (I still get teary-eyed when I hear Robin Williams' voice... brings back so many childhood memories of some of my favorite movies.)

I also liked the Mulan performance. I feel that this Disney "princess" does not get as much attention as the others, but I like her just the same.

The Lion King seemed to get the biggest audience reaction when Rafiki first came out and the "The Circle of Life" began playing. I failed to get pictures of that, but I did get Simba and Nala dancing to "Can You Feel the Love Tonight".

The finale:

We had such a great time. I am the worst at trying to remember to get tickets for shows like this and most often times don't even know they're playing until after the fact, so I know I would have never taken my kids to see Disney on Ice if the tickets hadn't been offered to me. Thank you!!

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