Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

I am finally getting around to posting pictures from Christmas. I've taken a short break from blogging during the holidays but wanted to get this posted before I forget the details.

On Christmas Eve, my husband, Bridget, and George made peanut butter cookies for Santa. They also got to hold "Elfie" and say goodbye, as he would not need his magic to fly back to the North Pole. We put him right next to the cookies and milk so that Santa would not forget him.

 Since the children were all in a good mood, I tried to get a few pictures of them in front of the Christmas tree. They were all very excited about Santa coming that night. I think it shows in the pictures.

I love this picture of Liam. It captures his sweet and happy spirit. He was very excited too, though he did not know why.

After the children finally went to bed and fell asleep (that is really the hard part), Santa arrived and delivered their presents. Santa and I had a talk recently about Christmas gifts and we agreed that Christmas should be practical and simple from now on. He was please with this, as his elves would no longer need to work overtime, at least for my children.

Here is the tree on Christmas morning. Santa hid a couple of large gifts behind the curtain.

Here are the gifts that the children got from us and also from Santa:


  1. Pajamas (from us)
  2. New bike (from Santa)
  3. New helmet (from Santa)
  4. Puppy Surprise (from Santa)
  1. Pajamas (from us)
  2. Bike (from Santa)
  3. Helmet (from Santa)
  4. Hot Wheels cars and launch/track (from Santa)
  1. Toy remote (from us)
  2. Mega Bloks wagon (from Santa)
  3. Xylophone (from Santa)
  4. Cooties (from Santa)

George had wanted a bike for so long. He is almost 4 years old and was still riding around on a tricycle. I don't know why we, or Santa, waited so long. Here is George's face when he pulled the curtain aside and first saw the bike and realized it was his. I snapped it about the time he was saying "Huh?", in astonishment.

Bridget also needed a new bike, as she was outgrowing her old one. Along with the bikes came helmets, of course. Santa also makes safety a priority.

Bridget was very excited to get a Puppy Surprise for Christmas. She had seen the commercial and I told her that I had one as a child and ever since, she has also wanted one. It came with three puppies, one of which was a "runt". She has names for all of them.

George is very much into cars, so Santa got him a set of cars to add to his small collection. He now has double the cars he used to have. He could not wait to open it up and begin playing with them. His favorite is the brown Datsun truck (you can see it in top right of the box). He loves this one because Papa told him that he had a Datsun just like it, many, many years ago. So now it is known as "the truck just like Papa have".

Liam got a couple of noise makers. You can see them both in the picture. We had to get him a remote control because he is always trying to go after ours. He'll get a hold of it and will not give it up without a fight. He's got quite a grip! Now, he has his own remote that is not capable of recording TV shows we don't want recorded. It plays music, has flashing lights, and the buttons make noise. What more could he ask for? He also got a xylophone. I'm surprised that we never had one until now. All of the children love it, but I have to remind them that it is Liam's toy and if he wants to play with it, they need to give it back.

After opening Christmas presents (which did not take long, as there were only a few), my husband moved my van out of the garage so that the children could have a place to try out their new bikes (our driveway is on a hill, so they either ride in the garage by themselves or wait until a grownup is willing to go for a walk around the neighborhood). Bridget changed into some play clothes to ride her bike but George was too excited and stayed in his pajamas.

They went around and around in the garage for quite a while. When Bridget got her first bike, she could not figure out how to pedal and we always had to give her a push. George knew exactly what to do and was zooming right along. He is not too fond of having to wear a helmet (and will attempt to argue with me about it).

Later on Christmas Day, my husband took the children out for a ride. Bridget and George rode their new bikes as my husband pushed Liam in the stroller. He said they went around the block five times before stopping over at Granny and Papa's house for a visit. They stayed there for an hour or so, which gave me a nice Christmas gift of the house to myself so that I could do nothing other than prepare dinner.

The weather on Christmas was great. It reached about 80 degrees. My husband had four days off (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and then the weekend that followed). It was so nice to have him home and the long weekend went by far too quickly. His parents came over on Saturday to deliver presents and take us out to lunch. Bridget picked the restaurant, and of course she picked our favorite Thai place.

We still have the tree up (4 days later) and I don't know when I plan on taking it down. The Christmas season seemed far too short and I am not ready to pack it all up, but perhaps I should do so before the new year.

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  1. That's so funny about the remote! Clark does the same thing and I got him that remote last year. Unfortunately, it hasn't stopped him from trying to take the real remote.


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