Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #45


It has been so nice to get back to a regular schedule! I came down with whatever the kids had last week but was feeling much better by Tuesday. My husband thinks it was mainly due to exhaustion. I am glad it did not last long.

This week was a busy one with our extracurricular activities. It was Parent's Week for both gymnastics and dance. I get to watch the kids at gymnastics every week anyway, but this time Daddy was able to see them as well. Bridget does not make a big deal of it but George sure loved showing off for us.

I was able to post about Bridget's class and George's class earlier in the week with more pictures and details.

Bridget also takes ballet and tap/jazz. We were able to attend both of those classes as well.

Bridget absolutely loves ballet and this her third year. The is the first year that Bridget has taken tap/jazz. We didn't know what to expect for Parent's Week, but it looks like they have a lot of fun in both dance classes. She has some really great teachers.

In other news, our dishwasher started leaking on Thursday. I ran a load which ended with water pooled on the floor. After a little research by Mr. Fix-It aka my husband, he determined that the seal was worn out and that's why it was leaking and that a new seal would cost about $50. A new dishwasher costs about $250-$300. We opted for the brand new dishwasher as our old one is about 10 years old and was probably on its way out soon anyway.

First thing on Saturday morning, my husband took the older two kids to Lowes to purchase a new dishwasher and brought it home with him, took out the old dishwasher, and installed the new one, all by about noon on Saturday. We ran the first load and wished we had bought a new dishwasher years ago. The new one is so quiet! Now we get to wait around and wait for the next appliance to die on us.




We are all caught up with writing! What a relief! Bridget has been a real trooper, doing 2-3 pages of worksheets per day just to get back on track. I took a look at her handwriting from this week compared to the beginning of the school year and I am very pleased with her progress.


This week, we learned algebra. No, really. The lesson was titled "solving for an unknown". This was by far the hardest concept for Bridget to grasp. Once she got it, she got it, but it took awhile. She still doesn't want to take the test. She does well with the worksheets until she stops paying attention and adds the two numbers together regardless of their placement. Something as easy as ___ + 3 = 5, she'll answer as 8, simply because she's not paying attention. Then she'll surprise me and do an entire worksheet of problems correctly. I want her to go ahead and take the test so that we can put algebra behind us, for now.

Family Movie Night

Things got so busy this week that we forgot to pick a movie. Luckily, my husband had bought another box of Lincoln Logs that he found at Staples of all places. This kept Bridget and George busy all of Friday night and Saturday afternoon. They were actually playing well together.

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