Friday, November 6, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #44


Oh what a long and exhausting week it has been! This week was our scheduled week off for school (I do 6 weeks on, 1 week off). I had big plans. Clean, get organized, maybe do a little bit of catch-up work with Bridget. I have done non of the above. Why? The children have been sick ALL WEEK.

On Saturday, Bridget came down with a cold. She stayed at home with Papa while the rest of us attended church on Sunday. Then on Monday morning, George was beginning to cough. By Monday night, Liam was coughing. I took all three of them in to the doctor first thing on Tuesday morning. Lungs clear, no ear infections, negative for strep. Diagnosed as just a common cold with no special instructions. The cold symptoms continued on for the rest of the week. If Bridget talked too much, she'd cough; if she sat down to write or draw anything, she had to stop to blow her nose. Catching up on school work was definitely out. George's cough and runny nose never got as bad as Bridget's, and Liam only coughs a few times a day. I'm very thankful for that because sick babies make me very sad. Liam did spend much of his week being cute as a button.

Liam lounging on the floor with Daddy after a long day

Then this morning (Friday), I noticed spots on George's left arm. He had been attacked some sort of bug on Sunday, but all of those bug bites were now gone. The new spots on George's arm also did not resemble bug bites. They resembled ringworm, without the bumps. I got worried and called the doctor immediately and they got us in right away. It turns out, George has hives! The doctor said that they are due to the cold virus he has, and that they will probably get worse, move around to different parts of his body, etc. The only good news is that they are not contagious. However, the hives were a unneeded finishing touch to this terrible and unproductive week.

George's hives... he can't catch a break!

We also missed gymnastics, ballet, and tap/jazz lessons this week. I love trying to find the time to make up our missed classes (I don't have to do this, but I certainly want to get my money's worth). I am looking forward to Parent's Week next week, especially for Bridget's dance classes. While I do get to watch both of the kids at gymnastics, Bridget's ballet and tap/jazz classes are off limits for parents (some parents can be far too distracting for the little dancers).

In an attempt to end on a high note, we did look at houses today. We're getting ready to possibly build a house and we submitted our floor plan modifications to the builder, and they should get back to us within a week or so with the modifications drawn out and an estimated price. It's nothing to get excited about yet, because if their price is not what we feel it would be worth, then we're out. Being married to an accountant can be difficult sometimes, because he is always crunching numbers and getting down to the nitty-gritty of anything and everything.


We're on a break from school this week!!!

Family Movie Night

My husband called me on Wednesday afternoon and asked if he should pick up a movie for the kid's to watch. He wanted to do something to lift their spirits. So he picked up the movie Inside Out and we got it started at around 5 o'clock. He also had a special treat for me... he picked up a Veggie Delight sandwich from Subway so that I wouldn't have to prepare anything for dinner! The children had a light dinner of fruit and toast (their appetites were small due to being sick), while I ate an entire foot long sub sandwich (and felt no guilt afterward).
While the movie didn't take place on our designated Family Movie Night (Fridays), it was still so nice to have a relaxing evening in with the family.
Next Week's Movie: TBD

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  1. Sorry to hear your kiddos got sick, but glad it worked out to not affect their regularly planned schooling either!

    1. It did work out much better that way. Getting an additional week behind in school would be horrible (we're behind by that much already).

  2. Being sick is no fun! My children have been wanting to see Inside Out... Is it a cute movie?

    1. It was very cute and the characters helped put a child's emotions into perspective. The only part I did not like was the decision the girl made when she felt her world was falling apart. But other than that, it was good entertainment for the evening.

  3. Sorry to hear the kids were all sick; that's no fun.


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