Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We had fun at our church's Trunk-or-Treat on Friday evening. It is the only Halloween activity we do each year, so the children really look forward to it. I almost thought that Bridget wasn't going to make it because she was so tired and not her usual bubbly self all day on Friday due to getting a flu shot the day before, but she did perk up quite a bit in time for the Halloween festivities.
Trunk-or-Treat is a lot of fun for the kids and a lot less anxiety for me as a parent. We know most, if not all, of the people passing out candy. The trunks are decorated in a fun way (not too scary), and masks are not allowed (so that you may be identified).
This year, my older two children were very particular about what they wanted to be for Halloween. Bridget was insistent upon being Cinderella. It also had to be the one from the new Cinderella movie, with the blue dress with butterflies. I found it on Amazon for a good price. When it arrived, it was a bit wrinkled but very glittery and pretty. By Friday, the wrinkles were mostly gone. I curled her hair and put it up, applied some makeup she still had leftover from her ballet performance, and she wore her church shoes which just so happened to have butterflies on them too. I also loaned her a necklace of mine for additional sparkle.
Bridget as Cinderella
Bridget as Cinderella
George wanted to be a fireman. I pulled up a few fireman costumes on Amazon and he picked which one he wanted. What he picked was not really a costume, but a Melissa and Doug imaginative play outfit. Much higher quality than the alternatives. It came with a hat, a fire extinguisher, and a bullhorn. He loved it. He wore a pair of black pants and his black rain boots to complete the costume. He would not pose or smile for me at all (it's a stage he's in), but I did manage to get one decent picture of him. Isn't he cute? 
Fire Chief George
Liam did not get to choose his costume, and wore the same pumpkin costume as last year (which also happens to be the same pumpkin costume all of the children have worn... I guess it's a tradition now). Of course he was adorable, because he's Liam. Everything he does we all find to be absolutely precious. Halloween was no exception, and Bridget was just tickled by her cute baby brother.
Liam, the cutest pumpkin in the patch
Here are a couple of outside shots while the kids were collecting candy. Daddy held Liam the entire time while I snapped pictures. I'm not so great at nighttime photography, but at least you can see them (sort of).


Happy Halloween 2015!

The day of Halloween, Bridget was sick, sick, sick. I left her at home with Daddy, and took the boys to the library. I picked out a few Halloween books to read to her and she also watched a Halloween movie marathon. I made goulash for dinner, as tradition, but did not make the "ghouls" as done in previous years, since my main goulash eater was probably not well enough to eat any. She did eat a bowl of oatmeal, though. The goulash was still fantastic for us adults.

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