Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gymnastics 2015 - Little Flippers

George is in his second year of Little Flippers. He loves being able to let loose and run around. His teachers do provide some structure to the classes but they still make it a lot of fun for the little ones. He his favorite parts are tumbling and jumping on the trampoline.
The first station George was at was the obstacle course routine where they go around and around, practicing their jumps, cartwheels, tumbling, log rolls, donkey kicks, head stands, etc.

George after his tumble

"Donkey Kicks"

"Head Stand"

Next was a course involving the balance beams, tunnels, and the slide.

On the balance beam

Through the tunnel

Gymnastics is one of the highlights of George's week. It is currently his only extracurricular activity so he looks forward to it very much. He loves showing off for us, and was especially excited that daddy was also there watching him and came over for a hug a couple of times. Even though he is getting so big, he is still our fun little boy. It's always a treat to see him having so much fun.

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