Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gymnastics 2015 - Girls' Skills Development

We had the privilege of attending "Parent's Week" at our local gym, where Bridget and George participate in gymnastics each week. As a homeschooler, this is their "physical education" class.

This year, Bridget is in the Girls' Skills Development class. It's a little less of the "fun" stuff and more of the skills development, as the class title suggests.

So far this year, she has been working on the bars, the trampoline, and the balance beams. They are also working on basic skills like pointing their toes, head stands, arabesques, and various other positions.

Bridget on the balance beam

A couple of weeks ago, Bridget fell off of the balance beam. I did not see it happen, though she told me about it later. She said she cried a little because it scared her. Since then, we had our little pep talk and she is back on the balance beam. She's still very careful up there.


These two pictures were the only decent ones I got of her. She's very serious and also very shy and will not look at me during her routines, much less smile for the camera. She really enjoys going to her gymnastics class every week and likes both of her teachers.

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