Monday, November 23, 2015

Dance 2015 - Tap/Jazz I

As I said in my post about ballet and Bridget's new blue leotard, she is also now old enough to start tap/jazz class! It is a combined class where they do tap for two weeks, then jazz for two weeks, then back to tap, and so on. Parent's week happened to fall during her jazz week. 
I took way too many pictures and video because this was the very first time I've seen her do jazz. It's a very exciting and upbeat class, as opposed to ballet. I love ballet and the grace that comes with it, but jazz was an entirely different experience. There were lot's of energetic dance movies, a lot of stretching, and a few dance routines. Those dancers were getting a workout! I think I may need to join the class so that I can be more active and get in shape. (Ha ha!)
So here are a few fun pictures to share about Bridget's jazz class. She has a fantastic teacher, Miss Allie, and assistant teacher who just so happens to be the daughter of Bridget's ballet teacher from last year.

Looks comfy, doesn't it?
Point those toes!


After the dance routines and stretches, the dancers practiced more dance positions.

I also made a few videos of Bridget dancing but I'll only share one of them here:

Isn't she cute?? Hopefully she will become a little more coordinated as time goes on. You can't expect too much from a 6 year old.

After Bridget's very first jazz class back in September, she came home and told me that the teacher plays "big kid music" for them to dance to. She was worried, but I told her that as long as the words are clean that it should be fine. After sitting in on the class myself, I thought the music was just fine. I did think it was cute that she was so concerned about it. As long as they're not playing any Kanye West, Eminem, or Beyoncé, we should be good.

I am glad that she is enjoying the class. She wasn't sure she'd like jazz at first (she does love tap though, and I think that has more to do with the shoes). She's a ballerina at heart. I figure we will give it a couple of years and if she ends up not liking it, then we'll drop it and stick with ballet. I am also glad to know that after the third year of tap/jazz, it splits and she can take either tap or jazz/hip hop. But that will be a few years from now, so she's got a lot of time to figure it all out!

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