Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dance 2015 - Beginning Ballet I

This year, Bridget moved up from wearing a pink leotard to wearing a light blue leotard. Her dance academy uses a "uniform" where all the girls in a level of dance wear a specific colored leotard. While Bridget is not one to choose blue over pink, she was more than happy to move up into her new leotard.
She is now in Beginning Ballet I. The day we chose has a small class of only four dancers, which fits Bridget's personality perfectly. She is very shy and will not ask for help, so in a small class she is able to get a little more attention from the teacher who may notice when she's not doing something exactly right.
Each week, they talk about one of the princesses and then dance to the music from the movie. For the class I was able to sit in on, they were dancing to Sleeping Beauty. 
Performing a curtsy
This is supposed to be a "tendu" but I was a little slow with the camera
Bridget has a lot of fun in the class, though she doesn't show it. I caught her multiple times trying to hold back a smile. 
One of the things Bridget is most happy about is having Miss Becky as her teacher. She has known Miss Becky since she first started at the dance academy 3 years ago, but this is the first time she has been in one of her classes. Bridget absolutely adores her.

Bridget is off to a great start this year. She is slowly maturing as a dancer and takes the whole thing very seriously. She makes a good effort in trying to do the positions correctly and attempts to "teach" me at home (though I am not the best student).

Her goal in life right now is to dance the part of Clara in The Nutcracker. I do my best in trying not to give her false hope, as it is a very sought after part by many of the older girls at the dance academy. It is something that she will need to earn. Still, she is determined. She has about 10 years left to practice and to be the best that she can be.

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